PEI Genesis (UK) Ltd


Worldwide Distributor of Amphenol, ITT Cannon, Military & Industrial connectors assembled, tested and shipped in 48 hours.



ITT Cannon Connectors

PEI-Genesis is the world's largest distributor of ITT Cannon Connectors.

We offer a wide range of ITT Cannon Military Connectors, MIL-Spec Connectors and Accessories including ITT Cannon D38999, D-SUB and high-density connectors, backshells, military and mil-spec circular, watertight and waterproof connectors

Amphenol Connectors

PEI-Genesis is a world-wide value-added assembling distributor of Amphenol Aerospace & Industrial Connectors. Amphenol's #1 Worldwide distributor and the only winner of the Amphenol Worldwide Partnership Award.

LEMO Connectors

PEI-Genesis is the ONLY AUTHORIZED LEMO assembly distributor in North America. Now assembling Receptacles and Plugs from component parts.

LEMO is a global leader of circular Push-Pull connectors that are found in a variety of challenging environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video, and telecommunications. The most popular of the LEMO push-pull connectors is the B Series (dust-proof) for indoor applications and the K Series (watertight) for outdoor applications. Both are self-latching, multipole (2-64 contacts) connectors with an alignment key. Other popular Lemo items are the E-Series and the S-Series.


Anderson Power SPEC Pak Connectors

 Anderson Power SPEC Pak Connectors
Sealed Power for High Amp Connections

The SPEC Pak connector is the result of a co-development effort between PEI-Genesis and Anderson Power Products combining PEI-Genesis' expertise in harsh environment connectors with Anderson's design and manufacturing skills. SPEC Pak uses Anderson's UL recognized, low cost, ultra high mating life Power Pole contact system in a watertight connector body creating the "next generation" in high power interconnect solutions.

Quadrax Contacts

PEI-Genesis has an innovative approach to providing our customers with hundreds of unique Quadrax high-speed connector options, with delivery as quick as 1 day and with no minimums.

PEI-Genesis’ large inventory of Quadrax contacts is especially important when used with the popular MIL-DTL-38999 connector line. PEI-Genesis has the largest Quadrax inventory in the world - and we build the Quadrax Groundplane Connectors from stock so we can ship you a complete system. In Comparison, most distributors require long lead times and impose mandatory minimum purchase quantities for Quadrax contacts and connectors.

MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors (MIL-C-38999)

PEI-Genesis is QPL-approved to build both Amphenol and ITT Cannon 38999 connectors. We have a multimillion dollar inventory of component parts.

Ordering your MIL-DTL-38999 connectors from PEI-Genesis means you now get the same 48-hour assembly time for MIL-DTL-38999 that you enjoy for all of our value-added connectors. Plus, you get access to PEI-Genesis's tech support, accessories, and great customer service.

Forget about waiting weeks. Combine our government approval AND the fastest circular connector assembly in the world to get MIL-DTL-38999 backshells assembled in just 48 hours or less.

  • Power Connectors: A comprehensive range of connectors for Industrial, Rail, Electric Vehicle and Mil/Aero applications. From 50 to 500 amps, including Amphenol Radsok technology.
  • Cable Connectors; Stocking $55 million of piece-parts for a range of connectors from leading manufacturers such as ITT Cannon & VEAM, Polamco, Cinch & Glenair.
  • D Sub Connectors: Available in different types & styles to suit almost any D-subminiature requirement, American & European footprint.

RoHS compliant and can be specified in standard configurations ranging from nine to 104 ways or with a combination of power and signal contacts to meet customers' specific requirements. D Sub, Combo D, Amphenol & ITT Cannon.

  • DC Connectors: Connectors for DC voltages up to 2,500 VDC in a range of styles and layouts.
  • Harsh Environment Connectors : Connectors for Military, Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial & Rail applications, sealed (IP67/68), metal or plastic body. Signal, power contacts, Co-Ax, RJ45 and USB terminations.

KPT, Barracuda, 62IP, Threaded, Bayonet, Reverse Bayonet or Push Pull coupling.
AC or DC voltage, Sealed or non sealed .
UL, CSA, VDE approvals

  • MIL specification connectors from ITT Cannon & Amphenol. Ground, air & marine.

QPL listed.

  • MIL standard connectors including MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-26482 and VG, Euro Fighter Typhoon JN1003 approved

Back shells & accessories from Polamco, Glenair & Sunbank.

  • Railway Connectors: Connectors approved for the Rail Industry, SNCF and IRIS. Connectors supplied for rolling stock or track side equipment in Low Smoke Zero Halogen configurations

Power, Signal and Fibre Optic contacts.

  • Rectangular Connectors : Rectangular Connectors for Military, Aerospace, Rail, and commercial applications, D Sub, Combo D, Arinc and Trident Multi Way from Amphenol and ITT Interconnect Solutions, all with a class leading 48 hour assembly time.

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