Pektron Group Ltd

Pektron - Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

As one of the largest UK owned companies in our chosen market Pektron have over 40 years experience of delivering electronics manufacturing services to a wide range of customers across a multitude of end markets and to manufacturers of high value, electronics based, technology products.

Design and Development
A fully resourced and highly capable engineering team with a proven history of delivering complex projects on time. Working with customers to define specifications we are able to develop both hardware (Electronic and Mechanical) and software solutions to the highest standards.

Test Validation
Nearly all Electronics products manufactured today have to undergo various tests to ensure they function correctly. Pekton have a full suite of validation equipment to prove products work to applicable standards providing confidence to all parties involved from the designers to the end users.

Manufacturing and production test
State of the art equipment in all production and test areas is used in our production facilities which comprise 4 units on a modern 7 acre site. Delivering quality products to our customers is our priority

Materials management and logistics
Supply Chain Management is key to any modern business. Pektron source components from all over the world, employ a variety of materials handling methods and processes and then deliver the final product on time at the right price.

Pektron Group Ltd Overview