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Made by MSA Foams, the newest addition to the Peli UK Group, every custom case insert is designed by the largest and most dynamic foam design team in the UK.

With vast experience in designing custom foam for tool control inserts and presentation cases for multiple industries, we can provide a service that will not only enhance the protection of your case contents but also present them beautifully too.

The wide range of foam colours available, our screen printing and custom decal services mean that we can produce high quality branded cases, with your company logo on the case exterior and in the custom foam design.

We also boast a Remote Product Scanning service, which means that if you have items that are best kept in your office or headquarters, a member of our nationwide business development team can come to you to scan them on your site, and give you a composite design of your case insert on the same day of the visit.

Peli UK

Your one-stop-shop for the entire range of the world's toughest cases and lighting.

From police forces to pro photographers, we've been supplying individuals, industries and sectors of all descriptions for almost thirty years... Thanks to the famous Peli lifetime guarantee, our dedication to excellent customer service and, not to forget, the products themselves.

Peli UK


For more than 30 years Peli has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest cases in the world.

These high quality, protective cases offer safe transportation for fragile or expensive equipment and are the choice of professionals.


We offer:

Tool cases

Emergency medical cases

Photography cases




Peli UK offer a wide range of both rechargable and Non Rechargable Torches.  They have quicky become the choice of proffesionals and are available in a range or sizes for every need,


Area lighting

Peli's Area Lighting Systems are unique and innovative, providing mobile, emergency lighting where mains 
power is not available. We offer a range of unique area lighting systems and rechargeable torch zones,

Area lighting
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