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Pennine Instrument Services Ltd is a Sheffield based family business (ISO9001 and UKAS approved) offering accredited instrument calibration and an instrument sale, repair and hire service. The company is the exclusive contractor for the calibration requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.

The company hire fleet includes 16th edition testers, PAT testers, flash testers, power disturbance monitors, power analysers, clamp meters, sound level meters, anemometers, dead weight testers, torque wrench analysers, CATS and JENNYS, tachometers, voltage and current sources.

Established in 1979, the company has enjoyed more than two decades of success built on a commitment to quality, service and customer care and is ideally placed to offer a comprehensive and efficient service to each individual client, whatever their needs.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, with a firm commitment to customer service support the following calibration facilities:

  • Dimensional
  • Electrical
  • Acoustic
  • Airflow
  • Torque
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Force

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Acoustic Calibration

Pennine Instruments has a model specific UKAS accreditation for the calibration of sound level meters and calibrators. See our UKAS Schedule for further information.

The Acoustic Laboratory also offers a fully traceable calibration service for most makes and models of acoustic measuring instrumentation. The primary equipment in use within the laboratory is an automated Norsonic Calibration Test Centre with two Anechoic Chambers.

The following list illustrates some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in this laboratory:

>> Tapping Machines >> Sound Meters
>> Sound Calibrators >> Microphones
>> Preamps >> Amplifiers
>> Dose Meters  
Acoustic Calibration

Airflow Calibration

The Airflow Calibration Laboratory has fully air-conditioned environment and contains a 5m wind tunnel. The wind tunnel generates airflow from speeds of 0.5 to 30.0 metres per second. The wind tunnel velocity and the laboratory barometric conditions are constantly monitored by precision instrumentation enabling the laboratory to offer a precision traceable airflow calibration service.

The following list illustrates some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in this laboratory:

 >> Thermal Anemometers  >> Rotating Vane Anemometers
 >> Air Quality Meters  >> Weather Meters
 >> Velometers  >> Pitot Tubes
Airflow Calibration

Dimensional Calibration

The Dimensional Laboratory offers a comprehensive calibration service for both UKAS and traceable calibration requirements. See our UKAS schedule for further information.

>> Angle Plates >> Bevel Protractors
>> Combination Sets >> Comparator Sets
>> Cylindrical Standards >> Dial Gauges
>> Digital Read Out and Transducer >> Engineers Squares
>> Cylinder Squares >> Feeler Gauges
Dimensional Calibration

Electrical Calibration

The Electrical Laboratory offers a very comprehensive calibration service for low frequency and microwave instrumentation. Most types of low frequency instruments are available for UKAS calibration. See our UKAS schedule for further information.

The following list illustrates some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in this laboratory:

>> Multimeters >> Clamp Adaptors
>> Clamp Meters >> Power Clamp Meters
>> Insulation and Continuity Testers >> RCD Testers
>> Loop Impedance Testers >> 16th Edition Combination Instruments
>> Earth Bond Testers >> Oscilloscopes
Electrical Calibration

Light Calibration

Pennine Instruments has bespoke facilities for the calibration of light meters between the values of 0 lux to 20,000 lux. All calibrations are fully traceable to NPL and potential customers are invited to inspect the laboratory whenever required.

>> Light Meters

Light Calibration

Miscellaneous Calibration

Pennine Instruments offer a calibration services in many areas that are not contained within this web site. If you have a requirement that is not listed below, please contact us.

The following list illustrates some examples of miscellaneous equipment that can be calibrated in our laboratories:

>> Coating Thickness Meters >> Laser Distance Meters
>> Crimp Tools >> CAT Scanners
>> Enviroment Meters >> MSA Self Resuers
>> Baltic Lifejackets >> Weighing Scales
>> pH Meters >> Force Gauges
Miscellaneous Calibration

Pressure Calibration

Pennine Instruments operates a comprehensive pressure calibration service with four deadweight testers in operation. The low pressure dead weight tester has a facility for the calibration of vacuum gauges. All calibrations are carried out in a clean and controlled environment.

The following list illustrates some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in this laboratory:

>> Pneumatic Pressure Gauges >> Air Pressure Gauges
>> Vacuum Gauges >> Differential Pressure Gauges
>> Manometers >> Transducers
>> Calibrators >> Tyre Gauges
Pressure Calibration

Roughness Calibration

Pennine Instrument Services Ltd maintains a Mahr Roughness Calibration System. A fully traceable calibration service is offered for both roughness measuring instrumentation and roughness specimens.

The following list illustrates some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in this laboratory:

>> Roughness Testers
>> Roughness Specimens
Roughness Calibration

Subcontract Calibration

The company provides a seamless, highly efficient and effective subcontractor network for any calibration requirements, which may fall outside our range of activity.

The network is strictly controlled by the ISO 9001:2008 Management System and all work subcontracted by Pennine Instrument Services Ltd is monitored by the Work in Progress Department.

Please contact us using the details on our contact page for further information

Subcontract Calibration

Temperature Calibration

Pennine Instruments maintains a temperature calibration laboratory offering UKAS temperature calibration by simulation for calibrators and indicators (see UKAS schedule for further information) and a fully traceable calibration service for all other temperature related instrumentation.

The following list illustrates some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in this laboratory:

>> Infrared Thermometers >> Thermocouple Probes
>> Resistance Thermometer (RTDs), Probes >> Liquid-in-glass thermometers
>> Thermometers >> Temperature Calibrators
>> Thermocouple Indicators >> Temperature Block and Baths
>> RTD Indicators >> Thermocouple Simulators
Temperature Calibration

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