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PennWhite Limited are manufacturers and distributors of a vast range of speciality chemical products, including silicone remover, for use in many different industries. We are now one of the leaders in the supply of formulated chemicals due to our stock delivery capabilities and expertise in developing tailor-made solutions.

SilStrip is a silicone remover supplied by PennWhite. It works by attacking the silicone with an active ingredient, yet leaves any surrounding materials unaffected. Essentially, SilStrip breaks up silicone and then digests it, leaving the remains to be washed away.

Cable Lubricants

When underground telecommunication cables are laid by being pulled mechanically or blown with compressed air, forces are imparted which can damage the cable. Cable lubricants can reduce this tension.

PennWhite supply a range of cable lubricants, specially formulated to reduce friction and allow cables to be installed with as little force as possible over long distances.

Release Coatings

Release coatings can be of benefit to industries that use moulds to produce their products, e.g. for metal casting, re-moulded tyres, and food packaging.

PennWhite’s range of release coatings are silicone based products, developed to prevent moulded products sticking to their mould. They are thermally stable and do not produce decomposition products.

Foam Control Agents

Our range of foam control agents are designed to prevent foam production during food processing, as this can hinder efficient production.

The foam control agents are low in toxicity, making them safe and economical for use with food processing. Many of them are Kosher approved and all comply with both FDA and European regulations.

Silicone Emulsion

The use of silicone emulsion can improve the mechanical efficiency of printing processes, thus enhancing the gloss, colour and feel of the end product.

Our silicone emulsions can improve resistance to high temperatures and increase tolerances to shear forces. In addition, high quality papers can benefit from sharper print edges and a reduced friction on guide rollers.

Emulsions with wax in them can be highly useful for printing magazines due the extra sheen they add to the paper.

Water Treatment

The efficiency of water treatment procedures can be significantly reduced by the production of foam during large scale treatments.

PennWhite’s anti-foam products are highly useful in water treatment as they aid in the reduction of foam generation, thus ensuring that water treatment facilities are operating at a maximum efficiency.

Janitorial Products

As building management costs increase, it is vital to make sure that janitorial products used within buildings are delivering adequate value for money.

Our specialist janitorial products ensure both excellent performance and value for money, offering anti-slip, water-proof, gloss finishes on hardwearing surfaces.

Silicone Fluids

Our specialist silicone fluids can be used for a number of applications in the building industry. Its water-resistant, foam-controlling, lubricating properties enable the creation of a range of products to be used within construction.

Silicone fluids create a water-repelling finish on masonry/roof tiles while anti-foam products can help to improve the mixing of concrete. Silicone greases are also a perfect lubricant for pipe-work of all types.

Bakery Release Agents

Release agents can used to aid the release of cakes or breads from their baking tins quickly after cooking. However, some release agents can affect both the texture and shape of some baked goods, ruining any prior effort.

PennWhite’s bakery release agents are suited to this exact problem, ensuring that bakery production works at optimum efficiency.

Foamdoctor Anti Foams

Fermentation is a process that is still critical to a number of industries today.

PennWhite's Foamdoctor anti-foams have been formulated especially to control the foam produced by industrial fermentation processes. Our Foamdoctor anti-foams have a very low surface tension and, when combined with their insolubility, provide them with excellent de-foaming properties.

Foam Control Products

Many materials used in various industries require weather protection in the form of surface coatings. They can help to maintain the structural integrity of a material when used in metal fabrication or house building, for example.

The inclusion of a foam control product in these surface coatings prevents foam production that can hinder production and negatively affect the quality of the applied finish. PennWhite offer a range of silicon and non-silicone foam control products.


Adhesives are an essential part of a wide range of products and are often used in production processes.

PennWhite produces a range of de-foaming and anti-foam products that can help to make adhesive manufacturing cost effect and reliable, thus improving its efficiency.

Oil Field

In the oil production industry, process equipment is rigorously tested and requires special chemical formulations to help with oil field extractions.

A range of foam control products are currently being developed at PennWhite for use in oil fields with down-hole and top-side applications.

Emulsion Polymerisation

Emulsion polymerisation is essential for the creation of many materials such as latex, polystyrene and polypropylene.

The emulsion polymerisation process generates vast amounts of surplus foam which negatively affects manufacturing efficiency as well as material qualities. Our foam control products can prevent this surplus foam from being produced.

Silicone Antifoam

Silicone is accepted as part of the process in the manufacture of modern textiles. It is a perfect answer to the industry’s foam control needs due to its specialist characteristics.

Silicone antifoams are particularly effective at reducing foam production in the sourcing and dyeing of raw textiles.

For more information regarding silicone antifoams please contact us.


Industrial Antifoams

Pennwhite manaufacture a wide range of industrial antifoams for a number of different industries.

Please visit our website for more information regarding industrial antifoams. We also make bespoke products.

Food Grade Antifoams

As a provider of silicone based products to the food processing industry, we provide a bespoke and wide range of food grade antifoams.

Please visit our website for more information on food grade antifoams.

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