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Perforated and Stamped Products Limited are experts in the manufacture of a wide range of perforated tube products for many different industrial sectors.  These would include Air, Gas and Liquids such as Oil, Water and Food Processing, our range of perforated tubes has grown significantly since the company started.  We are able to manufacture to specific orders or manufacture to stock to any agreed level as this can keep lead times to the minimum and ensure speedy supply.  We also produce a wide range of Tubes for the filtration sector using Expanded Metal Mesh as an alternative.

  • From 6 mm Diameter
  • In Excess of 1000 mm Diameter
  • Up to 1800 mm in Length


We also produce a wide range of filter tubes for cartridge filtration applications both inner`s and outer`s ranging from 6 mm outside too in excess of 1000 mm diameter and up to 1800 mm in length within our specialist filter tubes production cell using both perforated metal and expanded metal mesh products in various materials to suit any application and individual requirements. 

  • 6 mm Diameter
  • In Excess of 1000 mm Diameter
  • Up to 1800 mm in Length 


Perforated & Stamped Products Limited Filter Components:


Mini Filter Components

  • Open ended filters.

Materials would typically be: Expanded Mini Mesh and Micro Perforated Mesh


Perforated & Stamped Products Limited have dedicated cell which specialises in the production of small diameter tubes, these are produced from produced from Perforated Steel or alternatively Expanded Metal Mesh. 

  • From 6 mm Diameter
  • Length up to 250 mm 


Through the development of existing plant along with our investment in specialist new equipment we are able to produce a wide range of perforated cylinders components for markets such as; Automotive, Air, Construction, Gas, Hydraulic, Oil and Architectural sectors. We can produce perforated cylinders from 6 mm Diameter to in excess of 1000 mm and up to 1800 mm in length.


Perforated & Stamped Products Limited have the ability to produce a wide selection of specialist shaped tube profiles from perforated and expanded metal mesh products, leading the way of unique design through to manufacture for any application.


Perforated and Stamped Products Limited manufacture a wide range of BOLT BOXES from all types of materials, below is our standard bolt box product profile other sizes can be produced.

Bolt Boxes are made from Expanded and Flattened Pre-Galvanised Mild Steel PSPL10-24


Min Qty Product Code O/D Length
100 PSPL-75/150 75mm 150mm
100 PSPL-75/225 75mm 225mm
100 PSPL-75/275 75mm 275mm
100 PSPL-75/300 75mm 300mm
100 PSPL-75/350 75mm 350mm
100 PSPL-75/375 75mm 375mm
100 PSPL-75/400 75mm 400mm
100 PSPL-75/450 75mm 450mm
100 PSPL-75/500 75mm 500mm
100 PSPL-75/525 75mm 500mm
50 PSPL-75/600 75mm 600mm
50 PSPL-75/650 75mm 650mm
50 PSPL-100/350 100mm 350mm
50 PSPL-100/450 100mm 450mm
50 PSPL-100/525 100mm 525mm
50 PSPL-100/600 100mm 600mm
50 PSPL-100/625 100mm 625mm

The above is part of our standard range however we can also provide prices for any bespoke sizes.

Standard Lead Times on orders is within 2-3 days however quicker turnaround can be easily achieved.  


Perforated and Stamped Products Limited also manufacture HEAVY DUTY BOLT BOXES, the range of BOXES is similar to the standard range however the mesh which is used has a greater material content @ 2.11 kg/m² and a lowever open area of 57% (nominal)

See STANDARD RANGE for general sizes.

Bolt Boxes are made from Expanded and Flattened Pre-Galvanised Mild Steel PSPL5-84 HD

We can provide prices for any bespoke sizes required.

Standard Lead Times on orders is within 2-3 days however quicker turnaround can be easily achieved.


We have a wealth of knowledge of PERFORATED PRODUCTS, standard sheets, blanks or coil. We would be more than happy to assist in any way to ensure the right materials are developed for any application. If you advise us on the hole size you are looking for along with material type, sheet or panel size and material thickness, we can then match your requirements with our tooling which will then enable us to generate a quotation.

  • Round Hole
  • Square Hole
  • Round Ended Slots
  • 90° Centres
  • 60° Centres
  • Mild Steel
  • Pregalvenised
  • Stainless Steels


We are complimented by our specialist ability to produce perforated products in continuous coil form at high speed; applications for continuous coil are SECURITY SHUTTERING along with perforated products such as STAMPINGS and BLANKS for a wide range of sectors such as FILTRATION and AGRICULTURE and AUTOMOTIVE such as car speaker grills.   Materials such as:  
  • Mild Steel
  • Pregalvenised Mild Steel
  • Plastisol
  • Electrolitic Galv
  • Stainless Steels
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium


Leathergrain Plastisol (200µm) on a hot dipped galvanised substrate (S220GD+Z275, BS EN10326 and DX51D+Z275, BS EN10327 with epoxy reverse coat suitable for bonding and over painting.

A 200 micron PVC paint system with a leathergrain emboss.  This material has a high level of corrosion and abrasion resistance due to the thickness of the coating.  Plastisol has excellent formability charicteristics and is well suited to a wide range of applications such as Roller Shutter Door lath.

Granite HDX  (50-60µm) on a hot dipped galvenised substrate (S220GD+Z275 to BS EN10326) with epoxy reverse coat suitable for bonding over painting.

A 50-60 micron Polyurethane paint system with a slight granular effect.  This material has exeptional durability, corrosion resistance and UV stability.  All of which makes Granite HDX extremely well suited for other external applications for severe environments. 


Synonymous with maximum performance, optimum precision and unrivalled reliability in the stampings and metal forming industry.

  • High Speed Perforating.
  • Stampings.
  • Hign Speed In Line Pressings From Coil.

We welcome new projects and resourse projects, please contact us for futher information.


With several HIGH SPEED Bruderer presses our ability to produce accurate and high quality PRESSINGS and STAMPED PRODUCTS has gone from strength to strength, new tooling designs and developments ensure components are produced in a cost effective way keeping prices low but product quality high.


Our new Perforated & Stamped Products brochure is now availible, we are able to issue by post or by PDF file via email, please contact our sale office for a copy or email and we will be pleased to forward you a copy. 


Perforated & Stamped Products hold and operate the following management systems:

  • IMS ISO 9001 Certified (UKAS Quality Management System)
  • Certificate Number 1441
  • IMS ISO 14001 (UKAS Environmental Management System)
  • Certificate Number 1441/E


Our company is growing and developing all the time and with our investment in new technology and maintaining our continuous improvement programmes we drive ourselves forward to reach our own goals. Our range of tooling and products is constantly growing and it is possible that with our technology we can engineer and develop components to suit any application. However, our mission remains simple which is to provide a service which exceeds our customer`s expectations.

We pride ourselves in our friendly service and quality of product from large volume through to small; your enquiry will be dealt with professionally and swiftly and should your enquiry or order be placed with us, we are confident that you will be impressed with our service as well as our competitive prices.

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