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Permac Electronics were established in 1997 and provide professional technical and engineering services to customers within the defence market.

Permac Electronics expanded in 1998 and is now the leading calibration and repair facility for resolver and synchro instrumentation in the UK. We supply, calibrate and repair synchro recolver simulators, angle position indicators, digital panel meters, phase angle voltmeters, and digital analysing voltmeters. Our facilities can also work with time code generators and translators and fuel quantity test sets.

Our calibration and repair service covers electronic and electrical equipment and instrumentation and all our products meet BS EN ISO 9001 requirements and are registered with National Quality Assurance.

AcQ InduCom

We represent a range of companies who design, manufacture and supply computer and display products. One such company is AcQ InduCom.

AcQ InduCom produce a wide range of custom and standard products in accordance with PCI, M-module, CompactPCS, PMC standards, and VMEbus.

Amptec Reserch

Amptech Research is another company who design and manufacture safety ohmeters for use in environments where ultra-safe resistant measurement is essential.

Amptec Research products are approved for use on explosive ordinance by the Uk's Ministry of Defence, US Air Force, US Navy and US Army. 

Argonaut Computer

Argonaut Computer manufacture rugged, sunlight-readable computer products.

Argonaut Computers make products to use in harsh environments including laptop computers, monitors and full computers.

Genesis Microwave

Genesis Microwave is a company who produce a wide selection of microwave components for defence, aerospace and commercial environments.

Genesis Microwave manufactures amplifiers, DVLAs and SDLVAs.

Planar Monolithic Industries

Planar Monolithic Industries are a company who create hybrid MIC/MMIC RF and microwave components. They also manufacture sub-systems and multi-function modules.

Planar Monolithic Industries supply amplifiers, detection log video, switch filter banks, phase shifters, threshold detectors, and limiters.


Our services specialise in calibration of Synchro Resolver instrumentation and also offer a comprehensive test and repair service.

We test and repair a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment and provide services and solutions tailored to your requirements and needs.

All our services are provided with our high quality, cost effectiveness and high efficiency. 

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