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Permali densified wood laminate is made of beech veneers densified under pressure and heat  to same qualities as natural timber in regards of strength, resilience, stability and moisture resistance. Permali densified wood laminate can be, at your request, manufactured to suit the desired mechanical strength in any direction you want.

Permali densified wood laminate has the following benefit:

  • High strength
  • Good thermal insulating properties
  • Good strength dialectically
  • Good wear and fatigue qualities

Permawood Densified Wood Laminate

Permawood densified wood laminate is a laminate that is non-impregnated. It is constructed of beech veneers coated with a resin and formed under pressure and heat.  It has a very good mechanical strength both directionally and in stability, dielectric properties. There is a high strength to weight ratio as well.

Permawood densified wood laminate was made for transformer construction duties and can be applied to many applications.

Hydulignum Densified Wood Laminate

Hydulignum densified wood laminate is ideal for a range of applications and is used in the textile industry, in propeller blades, under body skid boards and racing cars.

Hydulignum densified wood laminate is made from veneers of beech dried cut and assembled into packs. A synthetic resin coating is applied to the individual layers. These are then subjected to heat and pressure to bond them. This process can be varied to give variations in strengths and densities.

Wood for Motorsport

We produce wood for motorsport designed to have high densities using thin veneers. This produces a dense, high-strength laminated board that is stable and has excellent wear properties.

Our wood for motorsport comes in sheets of sizes from 2000mm by 1000mm and in thicknesses from 4mm upwards. We have other sizes that are made to order and our CNC machining facilities enable us to produce complex parts.

Permatred Densified Wood Laminate

Permatred densified wood laminate is again made from beech veneers and has fantastic mechanical strength. It is ideal for flooring sheets.

Permatred densified wood laminate is great for applications where the wood has to be hard wearing but with good sound insulation, thermal properties and electrical insulation.  It is also resistant to alkalis, acids, oil, and petrol leaks and is not corrosive. It is used for electrical duct covers, flooring and in the marine industry. It is also used in the defence sector where there is a need for non-metallic materials.

Stay Wire Insulators

Our stay wire insulators offer very good electrical and mechanical properties and have a very long life span. Our stay wire insulators come with thimbles, arcing horns, straps, and all the nuts and bolts you need.

Our stay wire insulators are made of laminated wood and comply with BS 1320: 1946 regulations as well as the ELC 53: 1947 and ESI 43-91: 1977 overhead line regulations.

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