Permalok Fastening Systems Ltd

Permalok are the premier supplier and distributor of Huck fasteners and tooling from Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings (AFSR). Supplying markets as diverse as security fencing, Rail, truck and trailer construction through to the quarrying industry, Permalok have the expertise to offer the fastener you need. Any installation that is subject to vibration forces needs a Huck fastener - they consistently outperform other market options such as wedge washers.

Our qualified engineers are available to visit your site and advise on the most suitable fasteners for your requirement. We can install  Huck bolts for evaluation and testing.


Blind Fasteners

Our range of blind fasteners includes models such as Hucklok, Magnalok, BOM, Magna-Tite, Magna-Bulb, Floortight and Auto-Bulb.

All of these  products are quick and easy to install, and provide high strength, vibration resistant joints. Suitable for bodywork fixing as well as structural framework/ chassis construction. Available in various metals/finishes for corrosion resistance in different applications.

We have professional engineers who are able to install blind fasteners for you and ensure hulk bolts are correctly secured. This service dramatically reduces the need to re-deploy staff from other essential work areas.

We provide training for successful procedures and ensure safe use of all tooling.

Blind Fasteners

Lockbolts Fastenings

Extremely strong, heavy duty fasteners available from 4.8mm up to 35mm diameter, these fasteners give the ultimate in joint fixing. This group includes C50L, C6L, C120L, Magnagrip, Bobtail, Hucktainer.  These are used in the most demanding applications such rail track and bogies, mining/ quarrying and truck & trailer construction. Quick and simple to install, these fasteners often outlast the plant into which they have been installed. Available in various metals/ finishes including stainless steel, aluminium, zinc plate and galvanized.

Specialist rail fasteners are also available for applications such as switches and crossings, stockrails, check rails, tight joints and stretcher bars. Also available as lockstuds for restricted access applications.

Lockbolts Fastenings


As the only Huck appointed ‘Centre of Excellence’ for tooling in the UK, Permalok offer unrivalled expertise when it comes to Huck tooling. With extensive stocks of both spares and new tooling, we can supply whatever you require.

We also offer hire tooling and provide a full service/ repair facility.


Other products

Permalok also supply SNEP nuts, RECOIL thread inserts, KEENSERT thread inserts,  Mola Peg Anchor bolts, BlindBolts, rivetnuts, maintenance aerosol products, special washers, bespoke fasteners/tools and many more items.


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