Permalok Fastening Systems Ltd


We provide innovative engineering solutions to vibration problems and supply an extensive range of rail fasteners. Our selection includes a wealth of options like vee block bolts, black heel blocks and distance block bolts.

Our rail fasteners also include huck bolts used in switches and non raised checkrail blocks and huck bolts used in crossing and joints.

Our qualified engineers are available to visit your site and advise on the most suitable fasteners for your requirement. We can install potential huck bolts for evaluation and testing.

Blind Fasteners

Our range of blind fasteners includes models such as Magna-Tite, Magna-Bulb and Auto-Bulb models.

We have professional engineers who are able to install blind fasteners for you and ensure hulk bolts are correctly secured. This service dramatically reduces the need to re-deploy staff from other essential work areas.

We provide training for successful procedures and ensure safe use of all tooling.

Blind Fasteners

Lockbolts Fastenings

A range of tooling is available from us and includes lockbolts fastenings. Items are held as stock items and are combined with a wealth of maintenance repair and replacement stock.

We also have a wide range of repair services for lockbolts fastenings, pnuematic and hydraulic tools and power packs. Our workshop offers a quality service to help reduce down time and maintain production.

Lockbolts Fastenings


We provide an extensive range of installation tooling and work together with our partnerships to meet the demands of a reliable tooling service.

To achieve this, we provide pneumatic tools for engineering fasteners, large diameter products for use with heavy power rigs and hydraulic tools. Our tools are purchased quickly and often come from ex stock supplies.

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