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Peter Berry Associates provides a broad range of IT services to SMEs in the East Anglian Area. Commonly, we provide a high level Network Support package, to maintain Clients Microsoft Windows Workstations, Servers & Network Infrastructure.

We specialise in custom built Servers, providing high availability to Network connected users, complete with mirrored Hard Drives for added protection, Tape Back-up to safeguard your valuable data and high-end Processors and Memory to glean that extra performance when deadlines are tight

Custom Built Servers

With prices starting from just £999.00 for a file & print Server, the Server Product from Peter Berry Associates, offers excellent value and reliability!

For smaller networks, with up to 25 users, our Microsoft Small Business Server will meet most needs & requirements. These servers are typically supplied with the latest processor specification, 8GB of RAM, dual hard drives - arranged as a mirror set, for "fault tolerance" and a Tape Backup for added data security and integrity.

As your needs expand, Peter Berry Associates can supply separate servers to meet individual requirements, such as Email, with Microsoft Exchange Server, large Database applications with SQL Server and dedicated File & Print Servers to service network users files, data storage and printing

Custom Built Servers


We build solid reliable workstations, according to your requirements. Whether you are working with high-end CAD and graphic applications, multiple databases and spreadsheets, or word processing, our workstations are designed and built for your individual circumstance.

All workstations come with front USB ports, for easy access when you want to use that digital camera, or memory stick for instance. A full range of accessories are available, such as TFT (flat screen) Monitors, CD Writers, DVD Players & Writers, cordless Mouse & Keyboard.

Each workstation has your choice of operating system, Vista, XP Professional, XP Home Edition. (N.B. XP Professional & 7 Business Edition are recommended for networked environments).

Peter Berry Associates can also configure each workstation to your network, setting up shared printers, network shares and applications.

Windows 2003 Server and 10 Windows XP/7 Professional Clients, priced from £5995.00 plus VAT & Configuration.

System upgrades/replacement can be performed over a weekend, meaning no lost production time for your company!

Windows 7 Help - Windows 7 Support

Peter Berry Associates are pleased to offer comprehensive Help and Support for Microsoft Windows 7 - all versions!

We have been approached by several companies and individuals, who have had problems, connecting Windows 7 computers to their networks, or connecting to Printers and Shared Folders hosted by the Windows 7 computers, from other computers.

As we proactively train on all new Microsoft technologies, prior to Public release, Staff at Peter Berry Associates are in a strong position to assist and rectify these issues quickly and promptly


Network Support

Peter Berry Associates provides regular servicing for your Network & PCs with our Network Support Contracts. We compile Network Documentation, Audits of Software and Hardware, to enable us to respond rapidly to any issues or emergencies that may arise within your IT Infrastructure.

With regular visits, we become very familiar with your network and PCs and quickly notice when something is not working as it should, such as a File Server, which has become sluggish, or a Printer, which requires head cleaning, or realignment. We can also suggest suitable upgrades or improvements to your IT Infrastructure, which will enhance your company’s productivity.

We receive Security Alerts and Update notifications, directly from Microsoft© and Virus alerts from Sophos© which allows us to ensure that your Network and PCs are as secure as possible.

Annual Contract - Monthly scheduled visit includes:

Servers - Updating Antivirus definitions, monitoring Event Logs and Tape Back-up programme. Monitor disk free space, Server Performance, Create/delete user accounts as required.

Clients - Updating Antivirus definitions, routine monitoring and disk defragmentation, liaise with staff to correct any issues that may have arisen in the interim. Provide telephone helpdesk support to resolve any immediate issues. Run occasional Anti Virus scans to ensure network integrity, Email urgent Virus alerts, as supplied to us by Sophos.

Network Infrastructure - troubleshoot and remedy any connectivity issues, make proposals for any necessary or desirable improvements to the infrastructure to accommodate growth and new technology.

Availability - We find that most problems can be corrected quickly, using ‘Remote Desktop’ technology, without requiring a site visit, thus greatly reducing resolution times. We give a guaranteed response time within normal working hours, of four hours for your Servers and eight hours for the desktop machines. However, we endeavour to respond to emergencies within four hours or less, with two hours being the target time for your Servers


* Antivirus Support & Troubleshooting
* Consultation & Training
* Broadband Installation & Configuration
* Firewall Installation & Configuration
* Remote Access - Connect to your Company Network from Home, or a Remote Office, with a Virtual Private Network Connection (VPN)
* Email Solutions - for large or small companies
* PC Upgrades
* Server Upgrades
* Network Installations - wireless or Cabled, Upgrades
* Software Upgrades
* Disaster Recovery - Recover Data from broken Hard Drives/PCs, Loan PCs for all emergencies!
* System & Network Audits
* System Analysis
* Web Design
* Web Hosting
* Holiday and Sickness Cover for Companies where “In-house” IT staff are unavailable
* Networks for short term projects installed, complete with Workstations and Servers, on a rental basis

Windows Vista/Windows 7 Help & Support

Peter Berry Associates are pleased to offer comprehensive Help and Support for Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7 - all versions!

We are Windows 7 ready! Are you? Ask for details now.

As we proactively train on all new Microsoft technologies, prior to Public release, Staff at Peter Berry Associates are in a strong position to assist and rectify these issues quickly and promptly!

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