PHd Design

Have you ever seen a brochure that made you think: Wow, that’s quality?

Have you ever wondered: 'Who is the most creative agency in Staffordshire'?

Have you ever needed a great graphic designer and didn’t know who to trust?

PHd design was founded in 1992 to give no-nonsense, straightforward creative solutions for marketing communications and is still going strong today!

Brochures that make people want to read them, packs that fly off the shelves, signage that stands tall. Logos and brands that stand the test of time, web sites that get ranked and used, yet are simple to update. Yes, truly simple!  Direct mail that brings in the orders and copywriting that makes you read it… 

...Well you’re reading this aren’t you?

Clean, clinical, creative and honest solutions to your needs

For this and far more than we can say here call us or log onto our site, the link is above.

Thanks and hope to speak to you soon.

PHd Design Overview