Phoenix Compactors and Balers


Rubbish compactors are available in a variety of formats, portable, static, horizontal and vertical, and Phoenix will help you decide which is the most suitable and ergonomic for your waste disposal needs. Whether the latest brand new state-of-the-art baler or a high quality used compactor, we have equipment to suit all budgets; call now on 01708 550641 for a friendly no obligation discussion on finding the right equipment for your organisation.

Used Balers

Looking to replace your current baler? Have your waste disposal needs changed and you need to find the best value for your budget? Do you have seasonal fluctuations that affect the amount and type of waste you need to compact and dispose of?  Then take a look at our latest used equipment ; we can offer you a great deal to buy a quality used compactor or agree a rental figure you feel comfortable with to get you through high volume periods of waste disposal.

Waste Baler

At Phoenix, we specialise in waste baler products. We have gained over 25 years of experience in waste baler and compactor manufacture. We can offer a complete recycling service working to supply many waste and recycling products for sale, lease or rental.

Recycling Baler

RECYCLEBUY is a division of ours, set up specifically to meet the recycling demands of many organisations. We can provide recycling baler equipment free of charge for your cardboard or plastics and also remove recycling balers free of charge, offering a complete service solution for your waste management.

We will also offer best prices for recycling balers and are happy to be contacted for further information.

Vertical Balers

Our vertical balers ensure significant cost reductions, compacting packaging materials into dense, space saving bales and offering a tidier system than dealing with loose material. We offer a free no-obligation site survey to determine the product in our range of vertical balers that will suit you best.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal Balers are required when waste volumes are higher than can be reasonably loaded into vertical balers with doors. These units can be easily loaded by hand or bucket/grabs. Our horizontal balers range in semi-automatic and fully automatic models for medium to high volumes of waste depending on your personal requirements.


In addition to balers, we also specialise in compactors offering both static and portable models of compactors that can be designed to suit customer requirements.

Baling Wire and Twine

If it is bailing wire and twine you require, we can supply many types of tape and twine used in conjunction with most balers. Bailing wire and twine can be provided in various lengths. Bailing wire is supplied in 25kg bundles with a minimum order of 5kg and twine is supplied in boxes with 8x 320 measurements.

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