Phoenix Systems UK Ltd

Phoenix Systems (UK) Limited your true one stop shop. From Single item sourcing worldwide through to scheduling and kitting, to manufacturing sub assembly and the full turn key solution.

Phoenix provide a full manufacturing service to the Space, Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Commercial industries. Capabilities include PCB assembly, both conventional and fine pitch surface mount. Electrical and mechanical sub assembly including wiring and harness work. Small module to full turn key solutions.

Quality and attention to detail are the fundamental principles that we employ, offering our customers a partnership that will meet or exceed their business objectives.

Phoenix are approved by many major OEMs as well as having ISO 9002, European Space Agency, NASA, and ANSI/IPC610 Class 3 approvals. Visit our website on

Conformal Coating Services

Conformal coatings are widely used in the electronics industry for environmental protection of PCBs from humidity, corrosive gases and solvents, dust, sand, and other contaminants. Traditionally, the major market for conformal coatings has been the defence electronic industry where the need for long-term, high reliability demanded the presence of environmental, electrically-insulative coatings. Conformal coatings can be formulated from many different chemical technologies and are normally applied by dipping, spraying, or flow coating processes. The cured coatings are chosen based on their dielectric properties, abrasion, solvent and thermal resistance, and ease of application.

Wiring Harness and Loom

Simple end-to-end connection and wire prep.
From simple ribbon/multicore end-to-end connector assemblies to just wire prepping, stripped and tinned as required. With economical prices, we can support your production.

Complex Multipole
With years of experience in Aeronautical and Transport requirements we can supply your complex connector/wiring assemblies.

Wiring Harness
Where a harness is required to ease the assembly of any product we have the skills and tools to prepare your harness to a high specification.

Turnkey Assembly

It has become common place today for Phoenix Systems to carry out the full turnkey assembly for customers. With all the capabilities under one roof this has become an extremely cost effective time saving and logistically sensible solution. Units are assembled, tested and boxed ready for dispatch and immediate use.

PCB Assembly and Prototyping

We offer a rapid and accurate prototyping service in all areas. We can give advice on the manufacturability of the design, suggesting alternative solutions to materials and design-build methodology to ultimately reduce the cost and simplify manufacture during production. Phoenix Systems currently have two Mydata based surface mount lines with capacity to pick and place up to 20,000 components an hour. The machines are equipped with hydra heads and full vision (essential for mounting BGAs) for accurate placement. We can pick and place all current package types down to 0201.

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