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PIC Wire & Cable is a global provider of electronic cables, cable connectors, avionic cable assemblies and antenna gaskets for demanding military, corporate and commercial applications that include airplanes, helicopters, ground vehicles, rail transport and marine vessels.

Using the latest technologies, PIC cable products are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria required for these advanced electronic applications - EMI immunity, lightweight, low loss, high temperature, harsh environment. Ensuring world class quality and reliability is a top priority at PIC, as evidenced by our world class quality certifications and consistently positive customer feedback.

PIC has over 35 years of application success in programs worldwide. Let us help you find the best cabling solution for your network cable, data transfer cable and communication cable applications – the experienced PIC technical sales team is available to serve you.


As an experienced solutions partner, PIC offers a broad selection of specialized coaxial, triaxial, high speed data and custom cable options. This includes 50 ohm coaxial and triaxial cable, 75 ohm coaxial and triaxial cable, high speed data cable, data bus cable and application specific cables, including IFE, RF, TCAS and USB cables. PIC cables withstand high temperature conditions and other harsh environments. PIC’s cable designs provide many benefits including: 

  • Lighter weight
  • Low loss and special high loss
  • Multiple shielding for improved EMI immunity
  • High temperature
  • Reduced diameter and bend radius
  • Increased flexibility

Cable Connectors

PIC has a wide variety of RF connectors for all cable types. All connectors are weather sealed to prevent water and moisture ingression, and they are designed for reliable high altitude and high temperature operation. Center pins are gold plated and can be crimped or soldered. And all PIC connectors come with an adhesive heat shrink tubing for extra protection and strain relief.

PIC has 75-ohm video connectors which are true 75-ohm impedance connectors, which is essential in manufacturing low attenuation and VSWR assemblies.


PIC has a variety of RJ45 connectors available from TIA-568A/B, ISDN, up to Gigabit Ethernet installations. PIC also has available a variety of ruggedized housings for various installation needs.

Download Connector Overview

Custom Cable Assemblies

Proper cable assembly is critical to realizing the full benefits of the cable and connector technology. From its broad portfolio of cables and connectors, PIC can provide RF and high speed data assemblies for many applications. Industry professionals have trusted PIC to provide high quality certified cable assemblies for almost 20 years.

  • Certified test process & equipment 
  • Phase-matched shipsets
  • Qualified assembly experts 
  • Complete lot traceability 
  • Reliability in harsh environments 
  • Improved supply chain efficiency 
  • ISO 9001; AS 9100 certified
Custom Cable Assemblies

PICSeal - Antenna Gaskets

PICSeal™ conductive antenna gaskets (PDF) provide easy and reliable sealing of avionic antennas to the aircraft skin. Because they are easy to remove without skin or antenna damage, PICSeal™ gaskets greatly reduce gate turnaround time.

PICSeal™ gaskets are conductive for lightning strike dissipation, can be used over a wide temperature and are aviation fluid and solvent resistant. They can be used in many applications, including GPS, HF, L-Band, Marker Beacon, TCAS, Radio Altimeter, Satcom, TV, UHF, VHF, VOR, and MLS.

PICSeal™ gaskets are available in antenna-footprint-matched, die-cut, sealed packages. The experienced PIC technical sales team is available to serve you.

PICSeal - Antenna Gaskets

Technical Papers

Understanding the science and engineering that go into cable designs is important in providing the right solution for your application. Leveraging over 30 years of experience, PIC Wire & Cable has developed several technical papers covering important cable selection criteria. PIC’s expertise can help you find the best cabling solution for your application – the experienced PIC technical sales team is available to serve you.

  • Bend Radius
  • Velocity Factor
  • Cable Materials
  • Moisture
  • Coaxial vs. Triaxial
  • Making Connections
  • Grounding
  • Wire
  • Cable Shielding
  • Honeywell Integration
  • ARINC Connectors
  • M39012 RF Connectors

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