Pidy Ltd

Pidy is a Belgian family innovating food business active in the world of ready to fill pastry products. World leader in dry puff pastry, we are also competitive in short crust, fonçage dough, choux pastry and sponge cakes.

Three production units in Belgium, France and the USA. Commercial business units in Benelux, France, UK, Germany, USA and Export markets offer the perfect day to day service and market support to our customers in more than 50 countries world wide.

Pidy, world leader in dry puff pastry and competitive player in 5 other types of dough such as short crust, choux, sponge cake, fonçage dough and croustade dough is the result of a policy geared towards innovation.

Since 1967 a continuous process of innovation has been taking place in terms of product development for forms and dough types, optimizing packaging, production techniques and applications.

Pidy Ltd Overview