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We supply Mikalor, Supra and Superclamps hose clamps preferred by many industry professionals as heavy duty clamps. We stock them in W1, W2 and W4 types of material and in sizes from 17-19mm to 265-275mm.

The Supra CT hose clamp is a W2 clamp fitted with a extended bolt and stainless steel disc spring to allow the clamp to immerse temperature changes and vibrations. They maintain constant and consistent tension.

The double wire Mini Clips have a powerful clamping force and widely used in the corrugated hose industry. The double wire is able to span the ribs of the hose and can be supplied in galvanised mild steel and stainless steel. The sizes we have available are 14mm to 85mm.

Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are a traditional method of locating and retaining two or more components in an assembly into fixed positions. Dowel pins are reusable and are accurately made to fulfil their needs.

Our range of dowel pins includes:

  • Chamfer both ends
  • Chamfer one end and domed at the other
  • Crown one end and domed at the other

They are manufactured to BS, ISO and DIN standard specifications including BS1804 grade 1 & 2, ISO 8734A, ISO 8734B, ISO 2338B, ISO 2338A, DIN 6325, and DIN 7. Our dowel pins are available in a choice of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, silver steel, and alloy steel.

Spring Pins

Our range of spring pins include slotted spring pins. These low cost, versatile pins help to simplify assembly and manufacturing processes and are produced by rolling strips to form a slotted cylinder.

These spring pins are precisely manufactured with a diameter slightly larger then the receiving hole. Our range also consists of coiled spring pins produced in a lighter gauge of material and available in three different types:

  • Light duty, ISO 8751 - for use with soft, brittle or thin materials (Series 55)
  • Medium duty, ISO 8750 - our standard stock range (Series A55)
  • Heavy duty, ISO 8748 - used to give extra strength (Series 55)

Clips and Clamps

We provide a variety of clips and clamps including quick release hose clips, saddle clips, and self clamping clips.

We also offer special fixings when the obvious fixing is not the perfect solution. Our range of expertise and broad experience means we can find clips and clamps suited to your application and our tailored productions have included spring clamps for hospital bed adjustments, P clips to MOD drawings, and oversized clamps for marine engines.

We also supply various types of tool clips, tri-torque, and worm-drive hose clips.

Ball Bearing Preload Washers

Also known as ball bearing locations discs, our range of ball bearing preload washers are available in toothed or solid styles to suit a diversity of applications.

The advantages of ball bearing preload washers are the tolerance of manufacture, minimised axial space, and small load change with axial deflection and automatic adjustment with a light preload.

Our sizes cover all the traditional bearing designation numbers and full specification information is provided on our downloadable data sheets.

Bonded Seal

Our bonded seal is a steel washer with a trapezoidal shaped rubber ring fixed to its inner side. Bonded seal is used where high pressures need more substantial sealing capacity. The metal ring prevents over compression and extrusion of the pliable ring.

The majority of our selection is self centralising bonded seal and provide excellent benefits because they are concentrically located, have captive assembly, and offer efficient installation.

As well as bonded seal, we also supply linch pins, washers, pipe pins, thru locking pins, retaining pins, taper pins, rings, spring pins, and spacers.


FactorPax is the name we give to our selected assortments. This collection has expanded over the last 27 years and we now have more than 230 items available.

FactorPax provides engineers with a wealth of components to satisfy a range of repair and experimental requirements. We are continually searching to broaden our FactorPax range. It currently includes pins, pipe fittings, rivets, screws and circlips.

We also have a selection of electrical components, first aid requirements, grease nipples, keys, and nuts.

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