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Here at Pitney Bowes, we specialise in mail centre management. Mail operations can be one of the largest investments a company makes, but they are often fragmented with no centralised management and little overall visibility. Our mail centre management is designed to liberate your people and business performance by revolutionising your mailroom and communications.

Our mail centre management integrates the incoming and outbound mail flows and includes:

  • Mail services
  • Mail operations
  • Incoming communications
  • Outbound communications
  • Communication
  • Communications Management
  • Mailroom
  • Postal management
  • Courier management

Print Centre Management

Our print centre management solutions are designed to assist with optimising data, documents and communications. These things can have a major impact on customer retention, customer value and the cost of customer management. Our print centre management will help you to create, modify, produce, archive and access documents for better business performance.

Print Output Management

We provide print output management solutions to save valuable time, labour, and printer productivity for document output requirements. If you organisations struggle with complex, closed and highly diverse output technology infrastructures our print output management will help by providing:

  • Optimise document workflow
  • Print management
  • Data stream management

Best Site Print Services

Our innovative best site print services will optimise data, documents and communications and have a major impact on customer retention, customer value and the cost of customer management. Our best site print services will help you to improve document workflows for better business performance. We offer:

  • Workflow management
  • Production mail
  • Mailing solutions
  • Best site print services
  • Print services

Pre-sort Services

Our unparalleled pre-sort services assist with driving web traffic, and fulfilling auditable regulatory requirements.  We are the recognised global expert when it comes to making your mail communications as efficient, co-ordinated and business-generative as possible. We provide:

Address List Management

We provide address list management to suit increasingly more important data management and presentation requirements. Our address list management is cost effective and includes multiple database management, incorrect addresses and presenting the information. We offer:

  • Mail piece design
  • Address verification
  • Address cleanse
  • Flex mail software
  • Production mail
  • Mailing solutions

Collateral Management

Our collateral management services involve optimising data, documents and communications. We will assist with how you create, modify, produce, archive and access documents. We will help you to improve document workflows for better business performance.

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Our intelligent mail barcode system is designed to change the way you create, modify, produce, archive and access documents. We provide the intelligent mail barcode to increase document workflows for improved business performance.

Address Management

Our advanced address management solutions provide powerful analysis and business planning, together with effective customer relationship management and optimised communications. Whether you work with the private and public sector, our address management can help you improve performance and make budgets work harder by using:

  • Business insight
  • Production mail
  • Mailing solutions
  • Address management

Franking Machines

At Pitney Bowes, we supply a wide range of franking machines designed to save you both time and money. Franking machines enable you to quickly weigh your mail and print correct postage. You can even print messages on your envelopes.

Our expert team are on hand to assist you with finding the best franking machine for your requirements.

Franking Machines

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