PL Claridge


 PL Claridge Electrical & Electronic Contractor

  • Electronic Design
  • PCB Design
  • Electrical Installations

LED SCREEN design, front end PC software, video processing, embedded software and data distribution boards. Environmental control for the LED display modules themselves.

Box Build Assembly and more...

Digital hardware design using FPGAs
Custom digital hardware design, with digital hardware described and simulated extensively in VHDL.
Embedded system software design using micro controllers.
Schematic and PCB design.

Consultants - Electronic Displays and more...

We all so do the following:

  • Customer's design implementation
  • Customer design upgrade
  • Front end PC software design in Microsoft Visual BASIC
  • Prototype implementation
  • Can accept digital designs described in ABEL, AHDL, VHDL and VERILOG
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