Plastic Turned Parts

Plastic Turned Parts - That's exactly what we do!

We're the specialists in plastic parts because we only deal in plastic

Computerised machinery means that we supply precision turned parts using the latest in CNC technology and all our work is carried out by highly qualified and experienced engineers.

Plant includes:

Citizen B16
Citizen B20
Citizen K16
Citizen L20
Citizen A32
Miyano BNA42S
Daewoo Lynx 220C
Haas Mill TM1

Using the above machinery we produce all of our Plastic Turned Parts in-house, we will not subcontract your parts out to a 3rd party. You can be assured every time you call us or send us an enquiry/order you are dealing directly with the manufacturer.

We also have extensive manual machining facilities and the provision to produce our own tooling

We're ISO9001 approved and members of the BTMA

If you're looking for a specialist who can offer competitive pricing and the highest quality contact us today.

Sliding Head Turned Machine Parts

From 1mm upto 32mm dia the parts are produced on Citizen sliding head CNC lathes. This gives us the ability to produce parts correctly, quickly and efficiently which is paramount in todays competitive market.
Each machine has the added advantage with a magazine bar loader to minimise downtime on larger batch work.
These machines are capable of mill-turning the components so no need to set up a second operation on a separate machine, hence the savings are passed onto the customer.

Nylon Precision Turned Parts
Acetal Turned Parts

Sliding Head Turned Machine Parts

CNC Turned Parts

All of our machines are CNC controlled which gives greater accuracy and repeatability during production.We have both fixed head and sliding head technologies so this suits all sizes from 1mm diameter upto 200mm diameter components(65mm is our maximum barfed size, above that we use material in billet form).
This enables us to produce the right parts at the right price in the right timescale for our customers.
Plastic CNC Precision Turning
Plastic CNC Machining

CNC Turned Parts

High Quality Plastic Turned Parts Manufacturer

Plastic Turned Parts are specialists in producing parts within close tolerances. Every product receives stringent inspection at every stage of production. For further assurances all our quality management systems are certified to ISO 9001.

Plastic Machine Parts

High Quality Plastic Turned Parts Manufacturer

Plastic Engineered Parts

Parts are engineered to customer drawings or samples. Normally each part is bespoke to each individual customer.
They are constantly monitored for size during manufacture ensuring the components are produced exactly as requested.
Our ISO9001:2008 status means we have to achieve a certain quality level during the manufacturing process, making sure our customers get well made, accurate components.

We only produce plastic parts so no chance of contamination with metal or that we have the wrong tool set up , everything is geared up for only producing plastic parts.
Plastic Engineered Components
Plastic Turned Parts

Plastic Engineered Parts

Plastic Turned Parts Overview