PMD (UK) Ltd

PMD (UK) Limited has two operating divisions, both based in Coventry; Precious Metal Depositors is the subcontract electroplating and surface treatment division. PMD Chemicals manufactures and supplies processes and products for use in electroplating and printed circuit board production.

PMD has particular expertise in the electronics, aerospace, telecommunications and automotive industries. The Company's traditional strength is in precious metal deposition of gold, silver, rhodium, palladium-nickel, palladium and indium. There is an extensive range of vat, barrel, selective and continuous plating facilities. Additionally there is an area dedicated to the finishing of printed circuit boards. Recent developments have seen the introduction of Laser GoldĀ® a finish specifically for laser reflectors.

PMD Chemicals manufacture the Procirc range of process chemicals for use in PCB production. We are also UK distributors for DuPont dry films and Agfa phototools. PMD Chemicals supply a comprehensive range of electroplating and electroless processes, together with all necessary pre and post treatments.

PMD (UK) Limited is approved to ISO9001:2000 for the activity of both divisions.

PMD has been at the very forefront of plating technology for over 45 years and has unrivalled experience in producing quality finishes for the electronics industry.

It is an exciting and profitable company with a reputation for innovation, problem solving, reliability and prompt delivery.

PMD Chemicals

PMD Chemicals is the UK's leading independent supplier of electroplating processes and products to the printed circuit board (PCB), electronic component, and general metal finishing (GMF) industries.

PMD Chemicals manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of electroplating and electroless processes together with all necessary pre and post treatments.

Metallic Protectives Ltd (MPL)

Paint coatings whether in pastel, strong or metallic colours have come to play an increasing role in modern buildings both for decorative and functional purposes. To achieve optimum results and the desired concept emphasis must be placed upon enhancing and maintaining the aesthetics of modern building design demanded by today's Architects.

Metallic Protectives Plating Ltd (MPPL)

MPPL offer two sub contract finishing services.

Hard chrome electroplating also known as functional chromium should not be confused with the bright decorative chromium associated with taps and bright work on cars. Metallic Protectives Plating provide a precision hard chrome electroplating service. This is supported by both pre and post plating grinding facilities. Vaqua blasting is also available onsite.

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