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Pneu-Technology Ltd was founded in 2003 to introduce thousands of products which will create an atmosphere to help channel your thoughts and give new ideas.

Our commitment is to achieve the best possible service for continued improvement within our working industries. Together we can achieve this with your continued support.

Hydrovane Compressors

Pneu-Technology supply Hydrovane compressors. Hydrovane have manufactured over 775,000 compressors which are used  in many industry sectors.

  • Reliable
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Cost Effective

Boge Compressors

For over 30 years BOGE based in Germany have been manufacturing screw compressors. BOGE screw compressors are used by many companies from one-man workshops to the automotive industry & the large refineries.

Compair Compressors

CompAir are manufacturers of high quality rotary screw compressors. CompAir rotary screw compressors have low operating costs & superior reliability with ease of installation & servicing.

BEKO Systems

For over 20 years, BEKO have manufactured & supplied high quality, reliable & efficient components & systems for compressed air processing.

SMC Pneumatics

Pneu-Technology are suppliers of SMC Pneumatics products who are a leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment & automation components. 

Abac Compressors

Abac compressors are a great choice for workshops and small industry. Abac compressors are manufactured to be tough, reliable and safe.


Pneu-Technology use Transair as one of their main brands we use and supply for our compressed air pipework installations.


We are suppliers of Flowtechnology UK who are the premier catalogue provider for fluid power products.


Our Hydraulics section contains the world leader in tube fitting systems – EATON Walterscheid. We have the latest in their range – the WALFORMplus, WALPro and WALRing.

Of course we also stock all other well known brands including Hy-Fitt, RSB Tube Clamps and Burnett & Hillman Hydraulic Adaptors.

Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings

Our Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings section contains some of the top brands within this niche market.

The items include ISO A, ISO B, Flat Face, Zero Leakage, Refrigerant, Low Spill, and Trailer Brake Couplings.

These consist of Straight Through, Single and Double Shut Off.

We currently supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of Hydraulic QRC’s within the fluid power industry.

Pneumatic Quick Release Couplings

Our Pneumatic Quick Release Couplings section consists mainly of the Parker Rectus Tema Couplings, this range of couplings covers a comprehensive interchange range for all of the recognised manufactured brands, i.e. PCL, Schrader, Cjen, Atlas CopCo, Hansen, Forster, to name but a few.

Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Gauges

Our Air Preparation, Monitor, and Test Section currently stocks three competitively priced Air Preparation Ranges, we also provide an excellent range of Pressure Gauges for Compressed Air, Oil and Vacuum. Our Gauges can be supplied Dry or Glycerine Filled for an extensive range of sizes and pressures.

Within this section we also present an outstanding selection of flow and temperature gauges, float levels, pressure switches, flow meters and thermometers.

Pneumatic/Vacuum and Electric Limit Switches

The Pneumatic and Vacuum Equipment Section contains no less than 9 recognised manufacturers of Pneumatic Equipment within our range of Cylinders, Valves, Filtration, Fittings and Tube. We can also provide an excellent range of Vacuum Products, Pumps and Vibrators.


The Automation Section is one of the new additions to the website. This section houses the UK’s finest Performance Brake Systems of Goodridge’s tubing and fittings; also you can find Tyre Inflation Equipment, Automotive Tube and Hose, Automotive Tools and many other products.


We hold one of the most comprehensive ranges of valves within the UK’s Fluid Power Industry.

Within this extensive range, we stock many of the UK’s best and non UK Brands in a variety of materials, Stainless Steel, Brass and Brass nickel plated, Bronze and not to mention PVC and Plastic.

Within this section we have Lever Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Solenoid Valves of either 2/2 and or 3/2 Valves, Angle Seat Valves, Process Valves, Butterfly Wafer Valves and Pattern Valves together with an excellent range of safety valves for all different types of media.

Ring Main Systems

The Ring Main System Section houses several easy to use and install systems consisting of PVC, UPVC & ABS, Nylon and Aluminium. These items can cover a multitude of media.

Adaptors and Fittings

Adaptors and Fittings contain the major manufacturer brand names. In addition to our in-depth Air Pro range, we can supply a wide variety of Push in, Push on, and Compression fittings, as well as Threaded Adaptors and Hose Tails in a range of different materials - Stainless, Brass, Brass Nickel Plated, Aluminium and Plastic.

We also show our range of silencers and aluminium distribution manifolds.

Stainless Steel

This section is dedicated to stainless steel equipment comprising Threaded Adaptors, Compression Fittings for both metric and imperial tubing, Flanges, Hygienic Fittings and Metric and Imperial Tubing.

Malleable Fittings and Accessories

The Malleable Fittings Section allows you to choose from 3 in depth ranges, George Fischer, Crane and our own brand. You’ll find everything you need for the malleable iron systems within this range, Flanges both forged and carbon, Jointing Compounds, Tubing and Fittings all feature in our catalogue in both Black and Galvanised.

JAYMAC, Hose, Tubing and Couplings

Section 12 is predominantly our Hosing Section and contains tubing for all kinds of applications from Pneumatic and Vacuum to Ducting, Steam Hoses and Irrigation.

Along with the hoses and tubing, we also stock a full range of adaptors to compliment these products, Lever Lock Couplings, Cam and Groove and Claw couplings all feature within this section along with 2 and 4 bolt clamps.

Clamps and Clips

The Clamps and Clips Section currently covers a range to suit all the hose and tubing within the previous section 12. Advertised within this section you will find World leaders within this market, ie. Mikalor and Jubilee as well as our own brands.

Products you will find are Worm Drive Clips, O-clips, P-clips, Saddle clips, Pipe clamps, and bracketed clamps to name but a few; specialist Band Strapping , Ferrules, and Pipe Repair Couplings are also available in this section.

Maintenance Sprays and Adhesives

The Spray and Adhesives Section boasts an impressive range of water and solvent based cleaners, Lubricants and Greases, with a relatively new selection of Acrylic Paints in both Aerosol Spray and Brush for a variety of materials. An excellent range of Adhesives is available for a number of different applications and uses. Fosse Liquitrol finish off the section with a fantastic selection of spill absorbents; these products can be used in conjunction with oil, and other chemicals.

Blow Guns and Vacuum Products

Within this Section we have a good selection of Safety Blow guns, Nozzles, Air Knives and Air Movers, from a variety of well known companies. Pneumatic pump kits can also be found.

Wash Down and Fuelling

The Wash down and Fuelling section, has steadily grown over time, within this section you will see some of the best quality products within this industry. We have 3 separate areas covering this section;-

1) Wash down – a range of High and Low Pressure Cleaning Systems, i.e. Pressure Washer Lances and Hose, Water Couplings, Dirty and Clean Water Pumps plus a range of cleaning materials such as mops, brushes, rolls of blue roll.

2)Fuelling – fuelling from the hobbyist to the forecourt, a complete range of fuelling kits, trigger nozzles, filters, swivel couplings, and extraction units.

3)Lubrication and Grease Equipment – a complete range of grease guns both manual and electronic, nipples and hoses.

Air Tools

Within our section 17, we have 3 excellent ranges of Air tools - Chicago Pneumatics, Ingersoll Rand, and our own range AirPro. Together these offer an extensive range on Screwdrivers, Wrenches and Impact Wrenches, Sanders, Drills, Air Hammers. Additionally we have Air Line Lubricant also Compressors (Screw, Piston, and Vane in oil free and lubrication) both freestanding or receiver mounted.


Personal Protection Equipment section covers a varying amount of products, from items of Footwear, Gloves, Eye/Ear and Respiratory Protection, through to matting, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits and safety knives.

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