Pollution and Process Monitoring Ltd


Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd is a specialist instrument manufacturer of water quality testing equipment. We also represent a number of leading international manufacturers of water quality testing instrumentation, including WTW, HF Scientific and DKK-Toa. Our area of expertise is continuous on-line monitoring although we can also supply portable battery powered instrumentation, suitable for short term field testing. internationally we are supported by a network of trained distributors and in the UK our engineers provide technical assistance with regards service support, user training, commissioning and installation.

ISO9001 accreditation & Mcerts certification

PPM manufactures water quality analysers to meet the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Additionally we have also obtained UK certification to the MCERTS standard operated by the Environment Agency on our Protoc 300 TOC analyser.

Bespoke monitoring stations

PPM also is capable of providing the end user with bespoke monitoring stations. We can engineer a complete monitoring system with all the individual instruments properly integrated in to a well designed, coherent water quality monitoring station. Typically a bespoke system would include a GRP analyser kiosk, with the water quality instrumentation pre-installed. Sample delivery and preparation systems may also be needed to support analyser technologies (ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, TOC etc) Each appliance would be typically installed with a dedicated fused spur and additionally frost protection and lighting would be provided.

Analyser and probe technologies for water testing

PPM provides analyser, flow through and probe technologies for on-line water testing. We manufacture the Protoc range of TOC analsyers continuously reporting Total Organic Carbon. We also manufacture the Proam ammonia monitor using ion selective technology to continuously report the ammonia within water. Our probe technologies include robust sensors designed for both waste water and drinking water applications. Parameters covered include turbidity, DO, pH, conductivity, ammonium and nitrate. We also have flow through turbidity meters suitable for drinking water monitoring.

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