Polydesign Ltd

Design and Manufacture for all your Polystyrene Needs

The Final Piece in your Packaging Needs

Polydesign has over 25 years experience in the packaging industry and uses all the latest state of the art technology to design and manufacture all of your polystyrene needs.

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• Any design, from large items to very small intricate shapes for inner protection of products.
• We custom profile polystyrene to fit both the product and box.


• Supplying polystyrene for Plumbing, Electrical Items, Glass & Delicate Items, Fragile Items, Building Trade, Insulation, Architects, Point Of Sale (P.O.S), Trade Show Exhibits, Movie Industry, Landscape Designers, Packaging Companies and many more.
• Ideal for shipping, mailing and general transportation.
• Bespoke jobs & prototypes.
• Take advantage of our FREE delivery service within a 10 Mile Radius of Head Office
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