Polyflon Technology Ltd


Polyflon Technology offer an excellent range of standard sized PTFE Tubing. We can also custom make PTFE tubing to meet individual specifications. 

PTFE tubing has high chemical resistance and can withstand temperatures of -70C to +265C. This makes PTFE Tubing perfect for many applications

PTFE Tubing has electrical insulation properties and is ideal for electrical sleeving.

PTFE Convoluted Tubing

We can supply plain & conductive PTFE Convoluted tubing in sizes from 1/4” to 6”.  These all have a standard wall thickness.

To ensure the PTFE Convoluted tubing has an excellent flexi-life and improved crack resistance a grade of modified PTFE is used to produce all sizes of PTFE tubing.

We can supply the PTFE Convoluted tubing in coils or cut to length pieces. We can supply tubing with plain cut ends or have a custom end to fit a specific connection type. 

FEP Tubing

FEP tubing is manufactured from fluorinated ethylene propylene.  FEP tubing can be produced in tighter tolerances and in much longer lengths than PTFE.

FEP tubing has a high level of tolerance for withstanding chemicals and allows lower diffusion of gases through its wall. This makes it perfect for transporting gases.

Visit our website to see a full list of our stock sizes. We can produce FEP tubing in custom dimensions if we do not stock the size required.

Medical Device Tubing

Polyflon Technology produce specially designed medical device tubing.  Our medical tubing is produced in an extremely clean environment and is manufactured to meet the very exacting criteria of most medical applications.

We offer PTFE, FEP & PFA medical tubing and can produce it to individual specifications.  

Manual Ball Valves

 Our manual ball valves can be used in the control of aggressive or high purity/high temperature liquids & gases.

We produce our PP, PVDF & PFA ball valves by injection moulding to ensure they are leak free.

All of our manual ball valves are cost effective and perfect for pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

Machined & Punched Items

We can produce PTFE machined parts to very tight tolerances and we can produce machined & punched items in any shape.

We can also produce machined & punched items from PCTFE, PVDF, Acetal and other engineering plastics.

Thermoformed Fluoroplastic Products

We offer a large range of Thermoformed Fluoroplastic Products. The Thermoformed Fluoroplastic Products we offer include:

  • Cuffing
  • Flanging
  • Flaring
  • Retractable coils
  • Pre-formed shapes
  • Thin film diaphragms
  • and many more

For a full list of our Thermoformed Fluoroplastic Products, please visit our website.

PTFE Adhesive Tape

Our PTFE Adhesive Tape can work at temperatures up to 260°C, has excellent chemical resistance and has outstanding non-stick properties.

Our PTFE Adhesive Tape has a lowest co-efficient of friction of all known materials and is ozone resistant.

These properties make our PTFE Adhesive Tape perfect for many applications.  

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