Polyurethane Products and Consulting

PPCL supplies a broad range of formulated polyurethane systems to manufacturers of polyurethane components and products.

From spray and cast elastomers through to flexible and rigid foam formulations ppcl can supply bespoke systems designed to meet customer requirements.

PPCL systems are used in many industrial  segments some of which are listed below 

 offshore oil and gas applications.

marine coatings

pipeline cleaning

sports equipment

automotive components

furniture cushioning

insulation foams

structural foams


cast elastomers

polyurethane know how

PPCL  was founded and continues to be run by Rob Craw .  Rob graduated with a first class honours in applied chemistry before joining ICI polyurethanes  in 1986. He has worked in the polyurethane industry from 1986 in a number of roles principally in the development of pu systems and technical service, but also has experience in running a component manufacturing plant.

This experience gained is put to good use in the company, where many customer enquiries require a bespoke solution. 

 We at ppcl believe we know our products and wish to provide the best possible match of products to our customers needs.

quality assured systems

PPCL has been assesed and registered against the provisions of ISO 9001; 2008.

Polyurethane Products and Consulting Overview