Pont Packaging Ltd


Pont Packaging is one of the UK's leading and longest standing suppliers of high quality glass and plastic container packaging.


Identifying and supplying everything a customer wants or, if not readily available, developing a bespoke solution, remains this company's hallmark as it continues to source an extensive portfolio of packaging products across a range of key market sectors. Its core experience lies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetics and personal care markets and it has recently strenghtened its presence in the growing vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) sector.


Strategically located UK offices in Manchester, Dartford and Glasgow are supported by Pont Europe's international facilities in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain to ensure pan-European distribution of glass and plastic containers, bottles and jars, closures and accessories.


Furthermore, Pont's own design and sourcing capabilities and patented customer moulds enable it to provide an extensive range of standard and bespoke products, improving cost-efficiencies and ensuring security of supply and rapid on-time delivery.

Market Experience

In the competitive food and drinks market, creating a powerful brand identity through stand-out packaging is vital. Pont Packaging's attractive range of products, from elegant Italian glassware to traditional clip-top food jars and bottles of every shape and size, ensures distinctive on-shelf impact for all food products, be they everyday consumables or upmarket giftware items.


Embossing, advice on labelling and a range of caps, closures and accessories all help to achieve a customised design.


Pont Packaging's experience in the pharmaceutical containers sector means it can provide a high quality range of products to meet the industry's rigorous safety standards.


Glass and plastic jars, vials and medicine bottles can be customised with a selection of caps, closures, stoppers and seals to meet the industry's detailed technical or practical specifications.

Industrial & Chemical

A robust range of containers including buckets, bottles, jars and pots meets the challenge of packaging hazardous industrial and chemical products in both liquid and solid form.


As well as heavy duty applications, many of the lines are also ideally suited for automotive, household and garden product use.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Distinctive and eye-catching packaging in a range of plastic, metal, clear and frosted glass materials delivers maximum impact and product differentiation in the competitive cosmetics and personal care markets.


Pont Packaging offers a range of glass and plastic containers, associated closures and accessories for bespoke packaging of all pills, tablets and powders in the growing vitamins, minerals and supplements market.

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