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Porkka is an International company, specialising in the design and manufacture of commercial refrigeration products & hot food holding. Our equipment for kitchen, restaurant, hotel, marine & medical application are in daily use throughout the world. Click here to read more about Porkka

Modular Cold Rooms

Porkka is one of the UKs leading cold room suppliers and offers an extensive range of walk in modular cold rooms and modular freezer rooms for commercial use.

Porkka Modular Rooms are used in Industry, Manufacturing & the UK Leisure Industry as well as numerous sectors within the Public Sector ie Schools, Universities, DEFRA, Hospitals and the Ministry of Defence.

Porkka Modular Rooms are also used Worldwide, within such Organisations as the W.H.O. and UNICEF.

All our modular cold rooms and freezer rooms are constructed using standard sized insulated panels. The modular design enables a large number of different room designs to be created, which keeps costs down while giving the client a lot of choice.

Try out our cold room configurator.

Modular Cold Rooms

Inventus Cabinets

Introducing Porkka’s new energy-efficient, money saving INVENTUS range of commercial refrigerators and freezers

Energy efficiency and the environment has been an important factor in the development of Porkka products, to this end, our new INVENTUS range of cabinets have significantly lower power consumption and when combined with our long life cycle, cost savings for operators will be remarkable.

By using environmental friendly high-quality, components, Porkka will offer an amazing return on investments

Inventus Cabinets

Future Cabinets

High Performance Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Designed for frequent and / or heavy use settings, our Future and Future Plus commercial refrigerators and freezers have been designed with ease of use, hygiene and energy efficiency in mind and feature a range of innovative design solutions to cope with the most demanding of environments.

All Porkka solid door cabinets in our Future and Future Plus range are designed to operate up to climate class 5 and can cope with ambient temperatures up to +43C - ideal for warmer climates or hot kitchen environments. Porkka have taken these exact design features and included the same within our glass door cabinets, which are able to operate within ambient temperatures of up to +32C.

Future Cabinets

Blast Chillers & Freezers

Porkka’s new generation of advanced blast chillers and blast freezers have been designed to meet the needs of all professional food processing operations. Blast chillers and freezers help to increase productivity by reducing the time taken to chill or freeze cooked products ready for storage or transportation. But most importantly, blast freezers and chillers improve food hygiene and reduce waste by minimizing the multiplication of potentially harmful microorganisms. All Porkka blast chillers and freezers are compliant.

Design Features:

  • Programmable Settings
  • Memory Stick Recording
  • Temperature Probe
  • Automatic Holding Mode
  • Hygiene and Safety

Our Range of Blast Freezers and Chillers

Our range of blast chillers and freezers includes a variety of access options and sizes so there will be a model to suit the needs of all food operations large or small.

Reach in cabinets are filled and emptied manually, via individual trays or pans (GN 1/1). Choose between blast chiller or combined blast chiller/freezer which can accommodate up to 10 trays.

Blast Chillers & Freezers

DHMC - Hot Food Holding

The challenge for hot food storage has always been how to maintain heated food at required temperatures without the appearance and quality of the food deteriorating or more importantly compromising food taste and quality.

Traditional heated food storage results in evaporation of moisture from the food, which can cause shrinking and dryness. As well as limiting the amount of time the food can be kept in hot food storage, also resulting in food wastage if food is kept in storage for too long.

Uniquely with the Porkka DHMC Heated Food Storage system, hot food storage times can be greatly extended, without any noticeable loss of moisture or food core temperatures. Thus enabling stored foods to be served to the same quality, taste, appearance, texture and nutritional value as when they first where placed into this remarkable unit .

Since this Products launch in 2008 the D.H.M.C. has been purchased by the M.O.D. for use both in the UK & high conflict regions such as Afghanistan.

Further UK Public Sectors have purchased this unit which culminated with the Porkka D.H.M.C. being awarded an ‘Innovation Award’ by L.A.C.A. (Local Authorities Catering Association) .

Within the Private Sector this unit has also been widely specified, and is currently in use in the UK Leisure & Retail Industry as well as major UK Sporting Venues & Stadia with major Hotel Groups using, or considering this counter as their main hot food holding unit. 

DHMC - Hot Food Holding

Cold Line Counters

Porkka Cold Line cabinets provide versatile and practical chilling and freezing solutions for a variety of catering scenarios. Also known as Arctic Counters, these cooling units are specifically designed to help display, prepare and keep food chilled or frozen. A distinctive feature of our cold line range is their height and mobility. They stand at worktop height (900mm) and have castor feet allowing these cooling units to be easily moved around as required for catering functions in different locations.

Our Cold Line is available in a number of different sizes and temperature ranges so that a full range of fresh and frozen foodstuffs, as well as drinks, can be catered for.

Arctic Counter cooling units are available in a choice of 4 temperature ranges: Chiller (+1 to +10C), Medium (-2 to +5C), Freezer (-18 to -20C) or Fish (-2 to +2C).

In addition our Cold Line includes specially designed Saladette and Pizza Counter units (both +1 to +10C) which have additional design features to enable easy preparation and serving of salad and pizza, while maintaining hygienic temperatures via the cooling unit below. For instance, the Saladette Counter includes a dust cover at the front of the unit and features a salad well 150mm deep which can hold a number of containers holding different salad or sandwich ingredients.

All our Cold Line cooling units are available in a range of widths – from 860mm to 1660mm – and can hold either Gastronorm 1/1 or 2/1 containers on shelves. Additionally, chiller temperatures counters can be supplied with drawers instead of shelves, if preferred.

Cold Line Counters

Hot Line Counters

Porkka Hot Line products are a range of buffet server cabinets designed to keep hot foods hot and ready to serve. Our range of buffet stations are invaluable equipment for restaurants, kitchens and other mobile catering enterprises with a need to serve a hot food buffet as part of their operation.

Designed to meet European hot food storage standards, our buffet server range uses an air circulation system to keep hot foods hot at exactly the right temperature required for food safety, and in a way which preserves the taste and appearance of the food.

Combining durability, reliability, flexibility, ease of use and cleaning, our buffet line is a highly professional and practical choice for your hot food buffet requirements.

  • Hot Line Buffet Server Range: Creating a professional hot food buffet in a range of locations has never been easier with our buffet server range. Our buffet cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and varying design features designed to display and heat a range of food types.
  • Hot Food Chafers: These servers use hot water to maintain serving dishes at the required temperature and heating cabinets below.
  • Hot Food Buffets: These servers keep hot foods hot using air circulation and include heating cabinets below.
  • Neutral Buffets: These servers have a heated cabinet below to keep hot food hot until it is ready to be placed on top of the cabinet for serving. There is no additional heating once brought out of the heating cabinet and so is appropriate when the food is to be served immediately.

All our hot food buffet server cabinets are available in a choice of 4 widths: 400, 800, 1200 or 1600mm.

In addition, our buffet line offers a further range of buffet serving equipment designed to serve hot or cold food.

  • Hot Drop-In Well Carts: These units include drop-in wells enabling dishes of hot food to be kept hot via a heating unit below.
  • Cold Drop-In Well Carts: These units also use drop-in wells to keep cold food cold using a refrigeration unit below.
  • Neutral Drop-In Well Carts: These units us drop-in wells to display food that is to be served immediately, without additional heating or refrigeration.

These buffet server units are available in 2 heights (750 or 900mm) and 3 widths (450, 800 and 1200mm).

Of course, serving up a professional buffet requires a lot more than just displaying and serving hot and cold food. Our additional serving equipment units include:

  • Plate Dispensers – to hold and dispense plates for your guests. Plate dispenser units can be hot or neutral as required.
  • Additional Work Surface Units with hotlights


Hot Line Counters

Display Line

The Porkka Display Line is a range of refrigerated display cabinets which allow retailers to display food and drinks for sale while maintaining products at temperatures necessary for food hygiene as well as to reflect customer preference (e.g. chilled drinks). Our chilled display cabinets come in a variety of formats to suit different types of food and different types of retail environment.

All our Display Line cabinets meet stringent European hygiene standards for storage of cold food, and each model has been carefully designed and tested to be efficient, reliable and durable in a retail setting, as well as being exceptionally easy to use, clean and maintain. The result is a wide choice of chilled display cabinets to suit even the smallest of retail outlets providing attractive displays combined with freshness and hygiene.

Using a specially designed ‘delivery’ of refrigerated ‘chilled’ air delicate food products, such as pastries, sandwiches & filled rolls do NOT dry out when stored in these units .

The Internal air cascades ‘gently’ over and around the food product stored. When aided by the high luxe internal lighting, supplied as standard by this unit, PORKKA clients benefit from a well illuminated & well chilled display unit that will generate high volume point of sales income 

Display Line

Ice Machines

Commercial ice making machines are essential equipment for just about any business serving cold drinks to the public such as hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants. A commercial ice making machine needs to produce ice cubes quickly and in a form which is immediately ready to put into ice buckets or drinks. Commercial ice making machines also need to be extremely hygienic and so need to be able to use clean water straight from the mains.

There are three main categories of commercial ice making machine to suit different types of application. Porkka offers a variety of commercial ice making machines, including ice cube machines, ice flake machines, and vertical plate cubers. If the quantity of ice required is large, you may also need an ice cube storage bin to place cubes into ready for use. This page describes what each type of commercial ice making machine is most suitable for and gives details of the Porkka products available in each category.

  • Ice Cube Machines - Porkka ice cube making machines are available in ten different physical sizes and cube making capacities. The smallest is the KL21 which can make up to 1110 cubes per day (about 20kg of ice) and is just 587mm high and 345mm wide. The largest is the KL301 which makes up to 14550 cubes per day (about 262kg of ice) and is 774mm high and 960mm wide. For even larger ice requirements the KL301 and KL171 machines are stackable and are designed to sit on storage bins, allowing large quantities of ice to be made in advance. 
  • Vertical Plate Cubers - There are four vertical plate cubers in the Porkka range. The smallest is the KV150 which can make 12,090 cubes per day and is just 675mm high. The largest is the KV400 which can make 32,910 cubes per day – well over double the capacity of our largest conventional ice cube making machine.
  • Ice Flake Machines - There are 11 models of ice flake machines in the Porkka range, the smallest of which is the KF75 which can make up to 78kg of flakes per day. The largest is the KF2500 which can make up to 2375kg per day
  • Ice Storage Bins - Porkka makes three different sized storage bins, allowing the storage of between 100kg and 250kg of ice cubes or flakes. They are made of stainless steel bodywork with thick insulation and foodsafe plastic internal liners which have no corners or dirt traps. This keeps the ice in a hygienic environment which is very easy to keep clean.
Ice Machines

Back Bar

Porkka produce a large range of refrigerated and neutral temperature back bar units made from either 400 or 600 mm modules which can be supplied with either illuminated glass or solid doors. Powerful refrigeration units allow the cabinets to rapidly cool bottled or canned beers and wines as well as making a bar look attractive and stylish. Finished in stainless steel fronts with white interiors the range is very versatile.

  • Glass door units have lights fitted as standard.
  • Can be supplied without worktop to fit under existing bars/overall height 870mm
  • Height adjustable shelves supplied with glass door modules
  • Two sliding crate/bottle shelves supplied with glass door modules
  • Stainless steel top with raised back ledge (coloured options available on application)
  • Central locking on most models
  • Remove by hand components, for simple cleaning
  • Modular construction - to accomodate flexibility of design and application.
Back Bar
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