Portaloo produce and distribute the highest quality portable toilets and buildings. We manufacture our portable toilets to exceptional standards of hygiene and our all-steel constructed buildings are sturdy and long standing structures that are easy to maintain and keep remarkably clean.

At Portaloo, our portable toilets are built to superior standards and provide high standards of internal fit-out that means you never compromise on quality. Portable toilets are connected to water mains and sewage systems so there are no unpleasant water tanks to empty.

Portable Toilet

Our portable toilet service provides toilet blocks can be linked to other buildings to create perfect integrated facilities to have a permanent quality to them. They are installed to offer a medium to long term time period of use and are fully fitted with full-flushing toilets and accessories.

The portable toilet service we offer range in a variety of sizes combining both female and male and disabled cubicles.  

Portable Toilet

Portable Loos

Our portable loos are designed and installed with an exceptional range of accessories such as sinks, taps and effective lighting. They are also elegantly designed to combine mirrors, extractor fans, soap dispenser and hand dryers to provide aesthetically pleasing portable loos.

Our portable loos service supplies portable facilities can be integrated with ramps and steps for disabled access and guarantee your portable loos are accessible for everyone in the community.

Portable Loos

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