Selling gold for cash has become much easier of late, more and more people are discovering that they can receive excellent deals for their gold.

Happy customers are also discovering that as well as the traditional gold coins and necklaces, they can sell more gold items for cash than is commonly thought. People are as different as night and day so it makes sense to cater for that with regards to the gold items a gold buying company will purchase from their customers.

Leading gold buyer is one of the few gold buying companies that not only pays excellent prices for gold but will buy a large variety of gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones.  

So what gold items can you sell to buys the traditional items like:

  • Rings - even if a gemstone is missing
  • Bracelets - this includes charms and bangles
  • Chains - even if they are old, tangled, broken or just unfashionable!
  • Brooches and pins
  • Necklaces, even those that are broken, tangled or unfashionable
  • Pendants
So what gold items can you sell to

What kind of things have they bought in the past?

That’s a very good question! Unlike a lot of well known gold buyers, is very flexible with regards to the gold items they buy from their customers.

Here are some of the imaginative things they have bought:

  • Gold teeth!
  • Gold sovereigns
  • Silver golf tees
  • Gold and silver Cigarette lighters
  • A silver letter opener
  • A gold figurine
  • A pair of gold meercats
  • A ring containing two extremely well conditioned diamonds
  • A 1655 Philip IV of Spain coin
  • Wedding rings
  • 19 18 carat gold ingots

As you can see, you can sell a huge range of gold and silver items to and they accept them all!  

What kind of things have they bought in the past?

Who is is based in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth, Dorset. They are well known not only for the excellent prices they give their customers for their gold, silver and diamonds, they are also highly regarded for their exemplary customer service and care.

Who is

Why choose genuinely cares about customers and will do their best to help them in any way possible. The founding directors of the company have over twenty years experience in the industry and their knowledge is second to none. pays more for gold than their biggest competitors and they have many happy customers across the UK.

Testimonials from their customers include:

“I was pleased with the amount I received and couldn’t believe how quick the service was”

“Excellent quick service, and the price was champion”

“Very quick and easy service to use and a pleasure to deal with”

“Would definitely use again!”

“Brilliant service and polite staff”

“I was astonished with the offer. I am very happy and completely surprised. Fantastic service!”

“Excellent service and thrilled with the amount”

Does it cost me anything?

That’s an excellent question. The simple answer is no, using costs you, the customer absolutely nothing. Not only will pay for all postage and packaging costs, they will also pay for the insurance on your gold to keep your investment safe.  

Does it cost me anything?

How do I contact

Simply visit or call 0871 716 8805 to find out how can turn you into one of their happy customers. Overview