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Postroom-online supply : Our strengths include, UK manned 0800 telephone number, knowledgeable staff, free next day delivery, and inhouse technical support.
Our easy to use web site, has clear adverts and product videos for our range of Letter Fold machines, Fold & inserting machines.   Preferred brands include :
  • Frama
  • Superfax
  • Duplo
  • Martin Yale
  • Duplo
  • Ideal

How much time will a paper folding machine save me? AT THE VERY LEAST A £150 FOLDING MACHINE WILL DOUBLE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY.  By hand a person can produce 100 filled envelopes per hour, using a Martin Yale 7200 folding machine this doubles to 200 per-hour.  Using a Smart Start folder inserter this increases to 1,200 per-hour.

If you do not want to tie up capital in mailing machinery.  Or simply do not wish to do your, statement runs, mailshots or newsletters inhouse give us a call and ask about our mail fulfillment service.  Two services are available full fulfillment or part fulfillment where you print and we do the rest.

Our compatible and original  franking machine ink and labels, will save you up to 75% against manufactures prices.

Pitney Bowes:
Cartridge 769-0, Personnal Post, E700
Cartridge K780002, DM50/DM55
Cartridge B79003, Post Perfect B700/B800
Cartridge 793-0, DM100i/DM200i
Cartridge 766-0 DM200/DM300
Cartridge DE6128, DM395  
Cartridge 620-1RN DM400/DM550
Cartridge 767-8RN DM800/DM1000 

Cartridge 70401 Autostamp/IJ25
Cartridge 70403 IJ35/40/45/50
Cartridge 70885 IJ65/75/85
Cartridge 52245 SM22/26 

Francotyp: FP Mailing
T1000/Optimail/ Optimail 30
Ultimail 60/90


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