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In 2003, the pre-stressed 1 metre wide L-bloc  was introduced. This is the only pre-stressed interlocking L on the market and it has many advantages over normal precast Ls: it is lighter and interlocks, making it more robust and easier to install. This was soon followed in 2005 by the 2 metre wide L-bloc  which has all the advantages of the 1 metre wide unit as well as the extra width, which halves the time of installation and makes it very competitive in terms of price.

In 2006, after some three years in development, the company launched another unique and innovative product: the Betabric® pre-laid brick retaining wall. This is a patented, automated process for precasting bricks into retaining wall sections up to 6 metres long and 1.8 metres high. These are designed to retain soil up to their full height. The system produces a hand-finished appearance and any standard brick can be used.

This was followed in 2007 by the Betabric® pre-laid boundary wall which is a new concept in the provision of boundary walls. As with the retaining wall, it is a factory-based system that takes standard-size bricks and moulds them into a prefabricated reinforced solid panel, 6m long and up to 2.4 m high.

The result is an elegant brick wall, manufactured to exacting factory-controlled standards, erected in approximately a quarter of the time a bricklayer would take and offering an overall cost-saving of up to 50%, and - perhaps more importantly - installation can be undertaken almost irrespective of weather conditions.

The company's headquarters, situated on a four acre site at Creeting St Peter, just outside Ipswich, comprises of the manufacturing plant; the main administration offices; the quality control centre; the research and development departments; and the distribution depot.

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