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We are pleased to announce we have become the first Solarpod distributor in the South West with sole imports rights within the UK. Solarpod is a revolutionary portable solar energy generator which can be used as a backup solar generator for disaster recovery, a secondary power source for rural areas, or take it with you when camping, caravanning, festivals and tradeshows.

Portable Solar Energy

We supply portable solar energy solutions. We have flexible solar panel is extremely lightweight and durable. It is waterproof and perfect for use on yachts, boat, caravans and motorhomes. 

Our portable solar energy solutions include:

  • 60W Foldable Panel
  • Solarpod and 60W Foldable Panel
  • 100W Flexible Solar Panel 12V
  • 60W Flexible Panel
Portable Solar Energy

Solarpod Buddy

The Solarpod Buddy conveniently charges any device, any time day or night. This product is perfect for your smart phone or Blackberry, IPods, MP3 players, GPS devices, dongles, and remote controls.

The Solarpod Buddy provides the following features:

  • Incredible high performance
  • A full charge of your average smart phone every time
  • Leave on your desk, windowsill or even a car dashboard to charge
  • Stylish and tactile
  • Easily fits into your handbag, laptop bags or even your pocket
  • Perfect accessory for your small electric devices
Solarpod Buddy

Solarpod with Standard Case

Solarpod is a revolutionary product which brings you portable solar energy. To generate power on the go, the Solarpod can be charged with a solar panel or 200V mains.

One full charge, the Solarpod will help run:

  • a standard TV for 8 hours
  • a cellular phone for 40 charges
  • a laptop for 20 charges
  • a small fridge for 12 hours
Solarpod with Standard Case

12V Solar Panels

We supply a variety of 12V solar panels designed to meet your needs and specifications. Our 12V solar panels are lightweight and perfect for powering leisure products and mounting on caravans. Our product range includes: 

  • 20W solar panel
  • 40W solar panel
  • 60W solar panel
  • 80W solar panel
  • 100W solar panel
12V Solar Panels

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