Power Engineering Consultants plc

Power Engineering Consultants co-ordinates Installation Contractors to meet the designs and specifications for Power Systems  produced by ourselves or other companies, We provide these  world wide services to any type of industry whether they are based on or off-shore.

Some of the services for Installation & Maintenance:

  • Installation of Power, Voltage, Current  Transformers, Switchgear, Busbars
  • Installation of Protection, Control and Instrumentation, Calibration of Relays.

Power System Audits

Power Engineering Consultants can determine the effectiveness of a client's power system by our experienced engineers, by implementing power system audits to identify any potential electrical hazards that could cause unexpected failures and to maintain a stable and reliable electric power system.

Power system audits include a full site survey and examination of all drawings and documentation, analysis of load flows, fault levels and stability. A full report and controlled documentation would be generated.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Power Engineering Consultants Plc have many years experience in cases of disputes involving technical aspects and electrical engineering, within the scope of electrical power supply usage and testing we offer full support for all types of litigation.

Additionally we can provide support on patent infringements, and a court testimony service can be offered by ourselves.

Consultant Engineers

Power Engineering Consultants Plc employs high quality UK and overseas graduates to work in the field and anywhere in the world to assist our clients with their complex installations and design work.

Our consultant engineers produce comprehensive documentation and reports for our customers in the power generation and distribution areas to complete a project from initial preliminary design through to installation and final commissioning.

Consultant engineers are qualified engineers through the Institution of Engineering and Technology, formerly the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Protection Settings Studies

Protection Settings Studies should be carried out on new power systems such as a new industrial installation, but also done for modifications to existing power systems, in such cases a full study is usually required.

The full protection study can comprise of but is not limited to:

  • Establish system data, Protection settings studies
  • Liaison with interested parties, Prepare drawings and co-ordination graphs
  • Preparation of full report, and a controlled document

About us

Power Engineering Consultants core business is power system protection and general control and in this speciality it is amongst the most respected in the world.W are free from restrictive ties with any particular manufacturer, and so works with any protection equipment for any application at any voltage.

Power Engineering Consultants carry out site work worldwide, including offshore, and has a client list comprising both large and smaller companies. Our engineers quality of work and experience can only be described as world leading which make our competitors envious.


We can be found on www.google.co.uk

Power Engineering Consultants plc Overview