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 We specialise in single phase UPS Systems from 1-10KVA, for practically any application. Our specialiality is our AC ReGenerator series, offering the highest levels of power protection and battery backup without the noise. Our low-cost VIX series UPS is probably the best value UPS on the market today, ideal for small office, home office workstations and EPOS systems.

Battery Backup

Our VIX Series Battery Backup System is probably the best value UPS on the market today. Ideal for small office and home office computers, EPOS systems etc., the VIX series is available in 600VA, 1200VA and 1500VA versions. Being line interactive in design, the unit can rectify voltage variances without dropping to battery, thereby extending equipment life. 

Unlike other systems in this price bracket, the VIX Series UPS contains a USB interface and comes complete with software for automatic shutdown of the computer. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows is a true Linux Compatible UPS System.

Power Protection

We believe that the highest levels of power protection are obtained from online double conversion UPS Systems, and we have a full range from Dale Power Solutions. We also specialise in low noise and practically silent UPS Systems for AV and quiet office requirements.

Medical UPS Systems

When it comes to medical applications in a patient vicinity environment, the UPS should conform to the medical standard for electrical safety. We have the full range of Tripp Lite EN60601 UPS Systems for use in Patient Vicinity Applications.

AC ReGenerator

The trouble with online double conversion is that the required cooling makes fan noise a real issue. We have developed virtually Silent Online UPS Systems or AC ReGenerators providing a perfect power source for AV equipment and for applications where high power quality is required but noise cannot be tolerated. The systems can be used as stand alone power conditioners without the need for batteries, or batteries can be added giving the added benefit of battery backup if required.

UPS System Accessories

Most UPS come fitted with IEC type outlets and this isn't good enough for your IT accessories that have plug in power supplies. Our IEC to 4way UK Gang Socket is a very popular accessory for overcoming this issue.

Available in 10A standard or a 16A option for output from a 3KVA UPS.

We also supply the full range of Eaton eDPUs as well as our own bespoke connection boxes with highly secure lockable Neutrik connectors for critical power distribution such as for medical applications.

Telecom UPS Systems

Being an authorised Dale Power Solutions reseller, we have a range of online double conversion products from 1-10KVA with extended run capability. Extra large chargers are incorporated which allows the quick recharge of large external battery banks. Available in either stand alone or rackmount configurations.

Retail / EPOS Power Protection

Our VIX series UPS is small and lightweight and an ideal power protection solution for EPOS systems. Ensuring that your system remains online throughout power disturbances and also providing surge protection the low cost VIX series product is a highly cost effective power protection solution.

Lesiure Power

The Tripp Lite range of true sine-wave inverters is ideal for any applications that require  long runtimes or remote power. Up to 2KW of power can be provided from a single 12V source, and with the output being sine-wave and not a square wave the inverters are suitable for all applications

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