Power Take Off and Control

Power Take Off & Control (PTO&C) provide a huge range of Engine Management, Transmission Equipment and Engine Housing Adaptors to meet the needs of engine-driven applications such as employed in;

  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Mobile plant applications.

Many products are specifically designed and produced to suit special applications with particular requirements.

Our standard range of products extends from engine control devices such as;

  • Solenoids
  • Linear actuators
  • Fuel shut-off valves

 to power transmission products such as;

  • Drive couplings
  • Hydraulic pump adaptors (for small petrol and diesel engines;)
  • Axle & Transaxle  Drive Equipment (for electric cars)
  • SAE Housings and adaptors
  • Overcentre industrial clutches 

plus speed increasing and reducing gearboxes with choice of clutch or coupling drive and same or opposite rotation; soft-start particle couplings for either axial or radial drives.

PTOC also stock a comprehensive range of exhaust rain flaps

We also undertake to provide engines fully dressed to customers' specifications

We build equipment for special effects  companies within the UK film industry.

  • Our suppliers include: 
  • AB Balboni;
  • AB Trasmissioni;
  • Balboni srl;
  • Benevelli Spa.


Power Take Off and Control Overview