PPL Consultants

Specialists in misrepresentation, fraud and “scam” recovery.

In a world where “scam artists” and dishonest companies are increasingly sophisticated we are here to combat them and recover your lost investment.

The ever changing methods of the commercial criminal in the cyber age are such that even the largest of organisations and the most sophisticated of investors have and continue to loose large sums of money.

We have a proven track record utilising all legitimate means to recover lost funds and seize properties and assets obtained through the misuse of your money.

If you or your clients have been unfortunate enough to suffer at the hands of such highly sophisticated individuals you need PPL Consultants to be in your corner.

We focus on recoveries from hundreds of thousands through to tens of millions of dollars or more, both multijurisdictional and the very complex. No case too large.

We will review your case for free of charge and give you our opinion as to your chance of a successful recovery, promptly and in strictest of confidence.

Call: +44 161 935 8449

Or Visit: www.pplconsultants.net

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