Precision Edge Tools - Machine Knives


We have specialised in manufacturing machine knives since 1987. At Precision Edge Tools, our knives are manufactured to extremely high standards using CNC machinery, precision grinding and vacuum heat treatment processes.

We create machine knives for all types of applications including:

  • Toothform knives
  • Straight and Flat Blades
  • Tea Bag Knives
  • Circular Slitting Knives
  • Top Dished Knives and Bottom Anvils
  • Flow Wrapping Knives and Anvils
  • Newspaper Printing Knives
  • Perforating Knives
  • PowerEdge EXP500 HPS Range
  • Press knives
  • Shearing and Guillotining Blades
  • Granulator Blades

Industrial Blades

We provide cutting-edge industrial blades throughout Europe. Our PowerEdge technology helps to maximise the performance of our industrial blades. We only use the highest quality steel to make sure our industrial blades retain their sharp edge for longer.

Industrial Blades

Machine Blades

We are a bespoke specialist manufacturer of precision quality machine blades. We manufacture machine blades of exceptionally high quality and supply many industrial markets including wrapping and packaging, news print, mail room production and food processing.

Machine Blades

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