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Europe’s leading photo chemical etching specialist

For over 50 years Precision Micro have pioneered developments in photo chemical etching, achieving standards admired by the industry and appreciated by a global customer base from a wide range of high-tech engineering markets.

Our capabilities

In affiliating with our customer we have pioneered many new production techniques and methodologies in order to better serve their needs. It is these techniques that have advanced our capabilities further, enabling us to take what was once considered an art and turn it into a science.

Our capacity

It is a common misconception that photo chemical etching is purely a development technology.

Our purpose built 40,000sqft production facility is designed for flexibility, giving us the capability to move seamlessly from development to true high volume production.

Our quality

Quality is our byword.

We are proud to have received a wide range of customer accreditations, supporting these with robust ISO-approved quality systems.

Due to the sensitive nature of many of the components we produce, be assured that we operate under strict non-disclosure to protect the intellectual property of our customers.

Our expertise

We have the technical resource to dedicate to the most challenging of projects.

We can provide advice on material selection and demonstrate design techniques that can ease manufacturing and subsequent assembly to ultimately reduce your costs.

Involving us at the design stage will save you both time and money, so why not challenge us today?

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