Premier Filtration


Premier Filtration has over 30 years experience in filtration of all liquids for industry, from perfumes, honey, paper white water, oils, river / lake waters and a wide range of other applications.

Conservation of water and reduction of effluent have become paramount to industry survival. Filtration of process liquids by the correct means ensures minimum involvement by personnel, and with correct filter sizing caters for process changes. We supply a range of products to suit small applications and large, from small in-line filters with mesh or cartridge elements, to larger backwashing filters for factory wide applications.

  • VHP jetting water
  • Fats & oils (food and industrial)
  • Brewing and distilling
  • Hot-melt adhesives
  • Resins and starches
  • Alkalis and acids
  • Petrochemicals
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Viscous coatings and pigments
  • Lubrication and hydraulic oils
  • Cooler circuits and fine sprays
  • PVC and latex processing
  • Chiller circuits (heating and air conditioning)
  • Inks and toners

Spin-Clean Filters

Spin-Clean Filters - Water Purification
SpinClean™ is a self-cleaning depth filter system, designed to remove contaminants such as fibres, grit, sand and algae from water under pressures of 1-10 barg. SpinClean™ units have a compact design whilst providing large surface areas and high dirt holding capacities. Original Modular design provides for flow volumes from 7m3/h to 2000m3/h with filtration down to a nominal 15µm. New SuperFlow product is available for flows in excess of 2000m3/h.

The Spin Clean filtration system is a new & unique concept which uses micro-grooved disc technology to provide highly efficient depth filtration and particle retention.

Backwash effectiveness is ensured by the total separation of every individual disc. Internal flushing nozzles create a wash- through action to release trapped particles, and a spinning action of the discs assists the total removal of all solids.

High liquid flows are achieved by the exceptionally high surface area of the media in each module. Systems range in size from single units, multiple units, and up to 42 modules configured in a "Star" construction. 

  • compact modular construction offers exceptionally high flow rates in limited space conditions
  • layered micro-grooved discs provide combined surface & depth filtration from 5 to 400 microns 
  • disc separation during backwash, combined with centrifugal spin action, ensures particle release
  • designed for rugged applications, assuring long life for components & filtration media
  • exceptionally low rates of backwash flow (optimising water or water/air) ensuring low demand upon later effluent treatment
  • flow capacities from 3 to 450m3/hour as standard. Larger flows can be accommodated

Media Filters

Treatment of river water and effluent streams

  • Exceptional clarity achieved at all times
  • Fully automatic backwash sequence
  • PLC user friendly controls
  • Interface to customer own system
  • Diagnostics information
  • Alarms and visual indication of filtration status
  • Modular construction – 48” diameter (122cm)
  • Lightweight reinforced GRP vessels
  • All plastic or stainless steel manifolds
  • 2.3m² surface area per vessel
  • 10 –35m³/hr per visual (solids dependant)
  • Maximum pressure 6 Bar (60° max )
  • Independent backwash for 2-3 minute module
  • Low backwash volume < 5% of flow to services
  • AFM Glass media
  • 5-20 microns (dependant an media grade)
  • self sterilising-zeta potential media
  • Options of graded filtration sands 
  • Vessel suitable for carbon filling
  • Coagulen to leave AFM media unaffected
  • Long life Media

Hi Flo

Unique Multi-Media Concept

A single Hi-Flo body can accommodate any one of 6 different filter elements of standard design. This gives unprecedented flexibility & versatility to the user, where previously a media-change often involved a complete filter body change. The Hi-Flo filter can be supplied with wound cartidges, wedge wire, mesh on perf, pleated elements, polyester sleeves and Topmesh, enabling the filter to be adapted to many applications. 

Hi-Flo filters are primarily designed to accommodate the unique Topmesh stainless-steel filtration element, with its innovative diffusion-bonded construction on a spiral support structure.
  • All 316 stainless steel construction rated to 35 Bar pressure (50 Bar also available)
  • Smooth internals for high flow rates
  • Space-conscious design, easy to manifold 
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Option of 3 body lengths that can be supplied in duplex or triplex alternatives 
  • O-ring and gasket seals in choice of materials for agressive duties up to 95 degrees C  
  • Easy-open cap - no tools required
  • Choice of connections and orientation. RJT, BSP, NPT, and flanges are all readily available.


An off-line solution to the filtration of oils, for removal of dirt & water

  • longlife filter element (holds up to 5kg dirt)
  • returns oil to "spotless" condition
  • removes dirt to 3 micron absolute
  • removes water with inbuilt coalescer
  • recirculation flow recommended at 15% of tank volume
  • oil preheater option, to reduce viscosity
  • fixed or mobile system options
  • sizes to suit all flow systems
  • prolongs oil properties & extends bearing/hydraulic component life


Radially-wound welded screens as replacement for run-down screens, upwards flow clarifiers and filters.

  • flat,curved & cylindrical
  • wedge form wire
  • stainless steel construction
  • filtration rate from 25 microns
  • screens widths up to 6 metres
  • screen, tube length & diameters to suit application


Pipeline strainers for removal of coarser contaminants

  • basket and screen types, perforated & mesh
  • cast-iron, bronze, carbon steel or stainless construction
  • easy switch-over with continuous
  • flanges to meet all standard
  • wide range of pressure ratings
  • simplex or duplex configurations
  • threaded connections 1/2" to 2"


Simple, rugged, reliable removal of fats & oils from water surfaces

  • tube continuously drawn through ceramic skimmer mechanism for oil removal
  • rated up to 1440 gallons for oil removal per day
  • polyurethane endless tube ensures oil collection from entire surface
  • operating temp range to 90 C
  • low power consumption with motor voltage choice
  • decant vessel option gives 100% water recovery, making oil salvage/disposal easier


Widely used in effluent and municipal water treatment plants

  • travelling-band, self-cleaning screen.
  • independent blocks of filter elements on support shafts, endlessly linked
  • blocks individually removable
  • filter gap widths to suit particle size
  • double chain drive mechanism
  • separate drive for cleaning brush
  • backwash by spray cleaner nozzles
  • level control for automatic activation of cleaning
  • all maintenance points easily accessed
  • standard width from 400 to 3800mm
  • separation levels from 1-30mm


  • 30-200 micron filtration with suction cleaning
  • self-cleaning, continuous operation
  • simplex units rated up to 3200m/hr
  • high-performace stainless
  • delivers filtered output even whilst in backwash cycle
  • virtually eliminates replacement filter media
  • carbon steel or stainless steel body options
  • pressure range 1 to 10 bar standard
  • high-pressure option available
  • low backwash volumes
  • motorised "dirt collector" ensures 100% cleaning effectiveness
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