Premiere Servicing


Premiere Servicing

With spiralling gas and electricity costs, environmental legislation, and “ just in time” manufacturing processes it’s never been more important to ensure that your paint plant is operating as efficiently as possible. Inadequately maintained paint plant can have a tremendous effect on production and on the health and safety implications to the staff that operate it.

Breakdowns always happen when least expected and the subsequent loss in production can cost a fortune. Regular maintenance visits may not be that expensive so why not do all you can to prevent it?

Premiere engineers have years of experience in maintaining and servicing a vast range of finishing plant. From a single L.E.V. check on an extract fan system to a complete planned maintenance schedule on a fully automatic conveyorised finishing plant. Annually, six monthly, quarterly or just a single breakdown visit! Whatever your service or maintenance requirements, we can provide a premium service at a competitive cost.


Premiere Servicing


At Premiere we will service any make of paint plant from a small open fronted dry filter spray booth to a conveyorised finishing facility. We can attend to a breakdown or formulate a service contract specific to your paint plant.

Stocking of filters and critical spares and the issuing of recommended in-house maintenance procedures would all be part of the service to ensure that your plant operates at its peak efficiency

Our engineers are equipment with the latest calibrated analytical test equipment such as noise meters, light meters, vane anemometers, pitot tube anemometers, oven data loggers and combustion analysers all of which enables us to set up your plant to its optimum efficiency.

Premiere can also supply a very competitive range of both inlet and extract filters
Our scope of work is vast and can include any or all of the following:
  • Airflow checks
  • Fan bearing changes
  • Mist clearance time checks
  • Lighting level checks
  • Noise surveys
  • LEV checks
  • Gas & oil burner servicing
  • Plant dismantling or modification
  • Oven data logging
  • Energy efficient reports
  • Filter supply and replacement
  • Plant health checks
  • CO monitoring
  • Pre-treatment plant cleaning
  • Waste removal from water wash spray booths
  • Breakdown assistance

Health Check

If your plant is feeling its age, if running costs are spiralling and reject rates are increasing, or you just need to assess your plants overall performance, you may require a plant “health check”

This is much more than a standard service, and entails carrying out a detailed plant survey including the, measurement of extraction rates, working noise levels, lighting levels, motor running currents, oven temperature data logs, measuring CO levels, checking over the condition of all plant wiring, operation of the control panel and all safety interlocks.

If the original plant specification is available we can use it as a bench mark for analysis and advise accordingly. Included within the health check would be the service of all gas burners, changing of filters where applicable and the preparation of a comprehensive report with photographs and recommendations.
Health Check

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