We are experts in presswork and have over five decades of unrivaled experience in producing pressed components such as steel threaded inserts.

As well as the production of steel threaded inserts and related components, we cater for all individual presswork requirements. We provide everything from product design all the way through to customer delivery.

Presswork Design

Our specialist presswork design services are market leading.

We are a sub-contract company with a difference and our team of specialist engineers have the skill and expertise to create and build any presswork design, no matter how unique or complex.

Pre-Production Development

With our specialist pre-production development services, our standards are as high as yours.

Included in our pre-production development is the assurance of the highest accuracy of our tooling using state-of-the-art CMM facilities.

Manufacturing Facilities

We provide a complete presswork service and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities complement and enhance or expertise and capabilities.

Our manufacturing facilities include a press capacity of up to 150 tonnes, as well as auto-magazine and coil feed facilities. These advanced facilities allow us to produce a wide range of products at an exceptionally high production rate.

Sub-Assembly Services

We offer comprehensive and professional sub-assembly services and our recent expansion has increased our storage capacity considerably.

As well as our vast sub-assembly services, we are also equipped with 50kVA spot and projection welders, computerised guillotines and tapping facilities.

Weatherstrip Tool

The universal weatherstrip tool has been specially designed to aid the insertion of weatherstrip and fillerstrip in car door frames.

The weatherstrip tool kits contain a variety of tools for different sizes and styles of elastomer and are available with either a rubber or metal handle for more arduous applications.

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