Prestige Textiles (UK) Ltd


Prestige Textiles (UK) Ltd is one of the UK's Largest businesses specialising in the Import, Export, Wholesale & Retail of all types of fashion fabrics, textiles & furnishings.

2009 is a landmark year for Prestige Textiles (UK) Ltd as it celebrates 22 years of successful trading - This vast experience helps us to meet your fabric requirements in an ever changing and competitive market.

A New owner and trusted family member

Mr A.Shah, from a Full-time student to a successful entrepreneur.

In 2000, Abid Shah got an after school job at the fabric store. It was after a couple of years when he decided that the business had the potential to expand, so he began chipping away. In 2002 he started up his own online business from his website, this attracted over 10,000 customers in the first month of trading and was a very BIG success.

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