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Prime Scripting was founded in June 2013 for the purpose of delivering B2B expertise in SEO consulting, digital marketing, and copywriting services. The ideology of Prime Scripting is to offer marketing services that are effective, efficient, and affordable in a digital world of providers more focused on their own bottom line.

Transforming Brands for the Web

Branding is a philosophy that goes far beyond the pixels of stylish logos and websites. By taking the time to define the values of your business, only then can you positively influence the mental attitudes of consumers and clients. Why not share your values with us?

We know exactly how to convey the message of your business through website copywriting, blogging, and press release writing. Sharing the values of your brand in writing is much tougher than with dazzling visuals.

Evolving SEO Consultants

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is in a constant state of flux, and that is the only certainty. A lot of SEO consultants are working from a dated set of rules where they still believe specific keyword densities actually matter and that Google PageRank updates occur only a couple of times during the year.

Prime Scripting is driven by dynamic young marketers that are constantly evolving with the latest changes to the SEO landscape. Don't settle for an SEO consultancy promising yesterday's results.

Creative Copywriting Services

Copywriting services underpin the hard work behind virtually all marketing efforts. If you are unable to share even the basic message of your business with words, then you do not stand a chance of long-term survival. Even those impressive adverts you see in magazines and on TV require copywriting expertise.

Talented copywriters will convey your message in three words instead of ten, and avoid using those recycled turns of phrase depended on by hacks. We can share our creativity and imagination to boost the performance of your business. And it won't cost a fortune.

Effective, Efficient, Affordable

The effectiveness of our approach is achieved through our ability to craft distinctive marketing messages that deliver results for SEO, branding, and sales performance.

Prime Scripting is the ideal partner for businesses seeking affordable digital marketing services and tangible results. You can speak to us at or else +44 7808 077562.

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