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Here at Printed Bags UK, our selection of rope handle paper bags are our most designer products in the collection. Our rope handle paper bags are very often used as gift bags. If you have ever bought a designer pair of shoes, dress or t-shirt, the chances are you will have walked home with your new product in one of our custom-printed rope handle paper bags.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

We produce custom-printed twisted handle paper bags as a cost-effective way to promote your business. Our twisted handle paper bags have a sleek design and a large surface area to enable you to advertise your business with a custom-printed logo or business message.

Flat Handle Paper Bags

Our popular flat handle paper bags have a large surface area suitable for custom printing your company message to promote your business. The simple design of handle provides comfort holding for the consumer. Our flat handle paper bags are available with a choice of different handles and are the most simple and cheapest in our range.

Punched Handle Bags

Our punched handle bags are versatile enough to look elegant and stylish whilst at the same time carry the properties of a robust and sturdy receptacle. Our punched handle bags manufactured from polythene plastic and are 100 percent impermeable to water and other liquids in order to protect your products. The punched handle design allows for closed rims when the bag is being held in transit.

Patch Handle Bags

Our patch handle bags are similar to our punch handle collection, but with a reinforced patch around the handle for strength and durability. Our cost-effective patch handle bags are suitable for heavier loads to be carried around, reducing the need for multiple bags to be used at the same time.

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