Printed Wiring Technologies


Printed Wiring Technologies Ltd (PWT) manufactures high quality PCB's in small to medium volumes; offering industry leading fast turnaround deliveries across an extensive range of technologies, in support of a global customer base. We also offer a high quality procurement service for larger volumes through our sister company PCB Offshore Services.

Established in 1990, PWT have continuously supplied high quality PCB's to an ever expanding customer base for over 20 years. We offer lead-times from only 8 hours with industry leading full batch on time delivery performance, across an extensive range of PCB technologies. Calling on our many years experience within the industry, we are able to offer full Design for Manufacture (DFM) and New Product Introduction (NPI) services. All this in support of a genuinely global customer base, covering a broad range of industry sectors including Defence, Aerospace & Medical manufacturers.

PWT manufacture Rigid PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, High Density PCBs, Flex and Flex/rigid PCBs via our Fastflex service, Prototype and quick turnarounds, controlled impedence and blind/buried vias. As well as traditional substrates we offer Rogers/Hybrid, Polyimide, PTFE and Metal Backed (IMS). We are also experienced with Ohmegaply and Carbon Ink applications.

What chiefly differentiates PWT from our competitors is our level of service. As a specialist prototype and small batch manufacturer; our customers don’t have the problems of variable fast turnaround capacity found with other companies, who are attempting to manufacture volume and prototypes through the same production flow. Couple this with our industry leading full batch on time delivery performance detailed above and PWT are the obvious choice for all your quick turnaround and prototype requirements.

This specialization also makes our prices surprisingly competitive as we are able to keep our cost base and therefore our prices, lower than manufacturers attempting to straddle the small/medium and large volume markets.

In order to continue to support our customers whose products require volumes beyond our scope at PWT, we have created our sister company PCB Offshore Services. Having had a presence in China from the early 1990’s PCB Offshore Services have been able to establish long term relationships with high quality manufacturers; enabling us to offer industry leading volume pricing, together with the high levels of service our customers have come to expect.

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