Prism Sound


1.  Test & Measurement equipment for audio
Description: Prism Sound specialises in test equipment for analogue and digital audio applications. The range comprises 1) dScope Series III, a general-purpose dual-channel analogue & digital generator/analyzer test system for product R&D, Production testQC and maintenance and 2) DSA–1, a digital audio interface analyzer for testing digital internconnections between equipment, particularly in broadcast facilities applications. A range of peripheral devices for dScope Series III provides automated multi-channel switching, I2S interfacing and external filtering for digital amplifier testing. For production test aplications Prism Sound also offers networked test automation solutions based on an SQL database.

2. Music recording & production equipment
Description: Prism Sound specialises in high quality recording equipment principally for the professional user. The range features the ADA–8XR 8–channel A/D and D/A converter suitable for use with PC–based recording software, MAC/OS–X, Pro-Tools, Logic 7 orother digital recording and editing software. Also in the range are very high performance stereo audio A/D and D/A converters, a precision microphone pre-amplifier and precision analogue stereo compressor and equalizer.

3. Logging recorders for voice, broadcast & communications
Description: Prism Sound specialises in computer–based logging recorders and transcription software suitable for recording large quantities of voice, broadcast or communications traffic. An SQL database is used to index the recordings and specialist software is available for annotation and/or transcribing. Applications include recording parliamentary proceedings, business meetings, broadcast transmissions or other communications. Digital and Analogue sources of various types can be supported.

4. SADiE Multitrack Audio Recording, Editing & Mixing Prism Sound and SADiE are proud to announce the new SADiE 6 software for audio recording and production. SADiE 6 gives you the freedom to work on any Windows computer using a soundcard such asPrism Sound Orpheus or the built-in unit, or to use the low-latency, high-reliability SADiE Series 5 hardware solutions.


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