PRO-Comm Business Solutions Ltd


GPS  Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems .

PRO-Comm are vehicle tracking systems and fleet optimisation specialists, offering GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking solutions manufactured by Navman Wireless UK. We supply company vehicle fleets ranging broadly both in size and type for ALL industry sectors.

Through the core products of the Navman Vehicle Tracking System - Qube, MDT-860, M-Nav 650 and Online AVL - we provide customers access to a complete real-time fleet optimisation solution which includes satellite navigation, bespoke reporting and unlimited two-way mobile messaging.

Ultimate visibility of your fleet vehicles and users:

Maximised productivity and efficiency of field-based staff

Optimum service and delivery vehicles

Compliance with Working Time Directive

Through PRO-Comm, the Navman Wireless Vehicle Tracking System is key to revolutionising your business and bottom line: Reduce fuel costs & mileage, increase productivity, reduce overtime costs, control private usage, give better customer service and save on communications costs

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