At PROCARE, we have a diverse range of environmental cleaning products that help your business to choose cleaning, degreasing and absorbent solutions that are designed to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Our range of environmental cleaning products include:

  • PROCARE bio parts washer
  • PROCARE pelican pack absorbent pod
  • PROCARE degreasers and cleaners
  • PROCARE EVO absorbent range

All our products are future proof, designed to soak hydrocarbon spills to alkaline free degreasers saving the environment, time and money. To find out more information on our exceptional range of environmental cleaning products then please contact us.

Biological Cleaning

PROCARE’s range of biological cleaning is unlike conventional solvent based cleaners, using safe, biological aqueous cleaning solutions that remove oil and grease using bio remediation. This removes these components instead of dissolving them into the fluid, ensuring that optimum cleaning efficiency is retained from the fluid over time.

Our economical biological cleaning alternatives to solvent based degreasing systems key features include:

  • Washable and reusable stainless steel filters keeping consumable costs to a minimum
  • For optimising cleaning efficiency, the bio liquid is maintained at 38 degrees
  • Bio liquids are non-toxic, solvent free, non-flammable and safety label free
  • To maintain the cleaning efficiency, bio tablets constantly clean and regenerate the fluid

These benefits ensure an effective cleaning solution across a wide variety of industrial contaminates, providing exceptional corrosion protection. All cleaned parts are totally dry, free from grease and powder residues, with a bath life up to 24 months. This makes our biological cleaning an exceptional cost effective solutions that greatly benefits the environment.

Biological Cleaning

Absorb Your Spills - Absorbent Pod

Absorb your spills, our absorbent pods are effective at soaking up various leaks and spills that may occur at your site. The Pelican Pack absorbent pod is an all-round cleaning system for:

  • Recyclable spills
  • Recycling of hydrocarbons
  • Industrial liquid spills
  • Distribution recovery
  • Storage
  • Instant absorption with no soak times, forming dry clumps.

Compared to traditional methods, you are able to absorb your spills with the absorbent pod 8 times quicker, with no oil film left behind, instantly leaving safe and dry floors. The PROCARE Pelican pack absorbent pod uses 100% of its capacity thanks to the unit’s sifter, using a naturally derived cotton fibre based absorbent material capturing all hydrocarbons. This makes our absorbent pod an effective, easy to use, money saving solution. 

Absorb Your Spills - Absorbent Pod

Absorbents Range

Manufactured from recycled fibres, our EVO absorbents range complement our huge choice of environmentally friendly products. These offer better, high performance absorption compared to other traditional mats, socks and pads of similar cost.

By using recycled material, our exceptional PROCARE EVO absorbents range of products ensure our customers an improved environmental profile. For more information on our latest range of absorbent pads, mats and socks please contact us.

Absorbents Range

Degreasers and Cleaners

By working with a leading UK based manufacturer, our degreasers and cleaners are able to improve work quality without compromising the environment. Our Hydra Clean range of naturally derived industrial degreasers and cleaners are manufactured using 100% natural constituent’s yielding suitable for:

  • Dip tanks
  • Tunnel washers 
  • Ultrasonic tanks
  • Industrial washing machines
  • High and low pressure spray wash systems

The Hydra Clean range significantly improves your environmental profile and are designed to use low operating temperatures and dilutions to reduce product energy consumption compared to traditional solvents and alkaline based cleaners without compromising on performance.  For more information on our degreasers and cleaners please contact us.

Degreasers and Cleaners
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