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Process Support Products Ltd offer a wide range of SMT process optimisation solutions and equipment designed to ensure robust, reliable and controlled manufacturing. See below or visit our website for more information on our products.

Solder Dross Recovery

The SDR solder recycler is designed to capture and process dross for reuse. Dross is a side effect of the solder process - it requires special handling that is very costly. This unit not only provides considerable savings but has the added benefit of being right in your own manufacturing environment. 

SDR is primarily used in the electronic industry but has proved, by eliminating outsourcing, to be very useful in other parts of the tin processing industry and the need to dispose of alloy waste.

SDR activates the specific weight of the materials that are to be separated. After a filtering process the reusable alloy settles in the lower section of the pot; a tap allows drainage into the ingot moulds (5 slots), whilst the dross floats on the surface and is trapped in the upper filter.

F-AOI Inspection

Improving end of line process yields and maximising line UP time is the goal for every SMT Process Engineer.

First Article inspection after set up and programming a placement machine is critical, checking the BOM and layout drawing against the first board assembled.

Manual inspection on a complex board can take hours and is open to operator fatigue and errors. Using an AOI machine usually requires a trained operator and is an inefficient use of resources.

InspectOscan has been developed by SMT line engineers for SMT line engineers to effortlessly inspect first off assemblies.

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AOI Inspection

Automatic Optical Inspection is the cost effective solution to replace traditional human inspection whilst at the same time reducing the need for expensive electrical test.

Marantz, well known from its high quality audio / video products developed its first AOI system for its own use in 1994 and is now the world leader in desk top solutions with an installed base of over 5,200 units.

The latest generation iSpector systems incorporate revolutionary  lighting concepts with either 3 pulse wave modulated RGB LED light sources that can lighten inspection points from 3 different angles giving up to 6 different lighting combinations plus the option to add a DOAL powered LED that provides, via a prism,  thru lens white light for meniscus profiling of solder joints on either SMD terminations or traditional PTH devices.

Solder Paste Inspection

PowerSpector S1 SPI Research has identified that over 60% of end of line defects can be traced back to printing errors. Intercepting these defects before they happen reduces rework costs, provides instant yield improvement and accelerates return on investment. 

Our 5D post-print solder paste inspection process incorporates patented new sensor technology and simultaneously combines 3D and 2D image processing methodologies that deliver defect detection beyond that previously possible. 

Delivering true area, shape, offset, volume and height measurement in combination, SPI delivers true process control and provides the perfect solder paste printer adjustment tool. Enabling manufacturers to correct printer settings before a problem spreads across an entire product, SPI delivers a major inspection breakthrough for unbeatable process reliability and optimal print results. 

Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

GENSONIC Portable Ultrasonic Cleaning systems can be used offline on any work bench or in a stand alone Stencil Cleaning Centre. Alternatively they can be taken directly to the Stencil Printer to clean the stencil apertures in situ, avoiding the need to reset and calibrate the printer.

Direct “On Contact” Ultrasonic cleaning is the ultimate way to remove Solder particles trapped within stencil apertures, metalized inks from mesh screens and SMD adhesives from either metal or thick plastic stencils.

The Ergonomic hand held transducer is easy to use, cleans a stencil or screen fast, in under 2 minutes, using minimal process fluids & consumables and is the most cost effective low cost solution to 100% clean apertures.

Cleaning Consumables

Our cleaning consumables product range includes:

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Bare Board Cleaning

As electronic assemblies design in finer pitch and incorporate higher density component loading the process window is becoming even tighter. Starting with a clean board / substrate is essential as allowing board dust, process swarf, hairs, clothing fibres, packaging particulate, airborne contaminants into your process, will affect end of line process yields.

One simple step will ensure a clean start: a specially formulated polymer roller on contacting the board surface will lift any loose surface contaminants. These are subsequently transferred to either an adhesive pad or roll where they are trapped and held for removal from the working area. Stencils prior to inserting into the printer platform should also be cleaned to ensure no loose surface contaminants enter the printing process.

SDI, a technology world leader in contamination removal solutions, have a range of equipment available to suit every level of production, manual hand rollers & pads, semi auto stand alone board cleaners or fully automated in line systems.

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Process Tooling

Board Support Tooling is critical within any printer, dispenser and pick and place machine to run a repeatable process. A custom dedicated machined tooling plate is the ideal solution but you must plan well ahead, have the plate designed and then manufactured, even then it's only a custom fit for that version of the board.

Visit our website to see our VacuNest and VarioGrid products.

Selective Soldering

The A.C.E. Selective soldering systems have been developed to simplify the soldering process of attaching through hole electronic components onto printed circuit boards that also have surface mount components attached to the under side.
The compact solder pot has interchangeable drop in nozzles, is mounted on a precision X/Y axis control plus Z height movement with an over the top laser positioning system for easy alignment and pin point positioning of the solder joint. These compact systems can solder down to 1.5mm spacing between components. Available as table top, stand alone or inline. A.C.E Selective Soldering Systems ~ KISS (Keep It Simple Soldering).

Reflow Soldering

Reflowing Lead Free solder paste requires higher peak temperatures and a tighter process window with components. The more zones you have in the oven heating chamber the more control you have over the thermal process window, but until now multi zoned ovens have been beyond the budget of most mid sized companies. The new CR (Convection Reflow) range from Manncorp offers 10, 12, 16 or 24 zones at affordable pricing. Systems have dual conveyors, mesh plus pin edge chain, extended LF cooling zones, air and cooler particle filtration, processor / PC control system with on board multi channel thermal profiling, UPS battery back up plus programmable start up and shut down scheduling.

Soldering Materials

DKL is the UK's premier independent manufacturer of tin/ lead alloys supplying high purity solders and tin / lead alloys manufactured in accordance with the relevant national and international standards or to customer proprietary specifications.

Quality, Consistency and Reliability is achieved by careful selection of raw materials, stringent on site laboratory quality control during manufacture within the framework of a formalised quality management system to ISO EN 9001 : 2000 and environmental accreditation IS0 EN 14001 : 1996

Whatever your electronics manufacturing needs DKL have the right solder and flux formulations, working in partnership to keep your process in control with the full back up and support of our technical support team and sampling analytical laboratories.

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