Proctor Process Plant Ltd


Proctor Process Plant specialises in the application of industrial gas burners and combustion equipment to process industries, operating in a wide variety of market sectors both in the UK and Overseas.

Product Range Includes:

  • Industrial Gas Burner
  • Package Burners
  • Induct Burners
  • Bar/Singe Burners
  • Tube Firing Burners
  • In-direct Systems and Heat Exchangers
  • Oil Fired Burners
  • Infra-Red Heating Solutions
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Fuel Conversions
  • Industrial Gas Pipework Design, installation and Certification

Industry Sector Includes:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Food Industry
  • Injection and Rotary Mouldings
  • Surface Coatings
  • Textiles
  • Underlay
  • Web Treatment


The 3PMFB system utilises the latest pulse width modulation speed control technology to modulate the fuel and air mixture accurately and reliably.

The premix gas blower delivers a measured fuel and air mixture to the burner with turndown ratios up to 10:1.
The gas is injected at the fan inlet to ensure optimum combustion efficiency resulting in lower NOx and CO emissions.

Product features:
• 10:1 turndown ratio
• Die-cast aluminium gas tight fan housing
• Anti-static backward curved impeller
• Pulse width modulation (PWM) speed control
• Hall effect sensor speed monitoring
• Low NOx (compared to nozzle mix burners)
• Low CO (compared to nozzle mix burners)
• Compact combination gas controls
• Integrated flame safeguard control with fault logging capability
• Direct ignition
• Electronic programmable controls with fault logging
• Manual or automatic intensity/temperature control (requires external temperature control)
• Optional infra red product temperature sensing
• Standard output ranges from 20 – 400kw (other outputs available)


The 3PMFIR metallic gas fired infra-red emitters use an innovative sintered metal yarn woven into a textile like material. This allows any shape of emitter to be manufactured easily to suit our customers individual requirements.

Combustion takes place on the surface of the burner, heating the metal fibres to over 1000ºC and emitting medium wave infra-red. The use of pre-mixed air and gas allow an extremely high turn down which is essential for accurate temperature control.

The special properties and mechanical strength of the alloy used allows the burner to be fired in any orientation, even vertically, and will safely oxidise small amounts of contaminants that fall onto the burner face.

Extremely robust with good mechanical strength
Quick heat up and cool down times
Not subject to thermal shock
Manufactured to suit any size or shape
Fully automated systems
Horizontal or vertical firing
Fixed or modulating outputs with very high turndowns
Fully tested & pre-commissioned
Natural Gas, Propane or Butane


The 3PIRB range of gas fired ceramic heaters are specially designed for industrial processes that require a uniform high intensity radiant heat source. The modular medium wave emitters can be arranged to offer any size of emitter area required.
The simple heater design and the turret mixing system for the air and gas ensure a repeatable, safe and reliable system ideally suited to industrial applications.

Compact highly efficient heat source
Quick heat up and cool down times
Multiple rows & widths available
Fully automated control
Horizontal or vertical firing
Fixed or modulating outputs
Natural Gas, Propane or Butane
Fully tested & pre-commissioned


The 3PXSA, 3PMAL and 3PMAR range of nozzle mix gas burners are industrial package burners specially designed to offer cost effective and efficient heating solutions to a huge range of thermo-processing industries.

The simple design combined with the use of the highest quality, proven outsourced components, allow this range of burner to give complete reliability regardless of the process.

All P series burners come pre-assembled with burner head, combustion air fan, gas train, electrical control panel and all associated safety equipment pre-wired and fully tested, so little or no on-site commissioning is required. Each burner can be individually tailored to suit any requirement from installation constraints, high chamber pressures, hazardous environments or specialist voltages and frequencies for the overseas market.


The 3PDS and 3PRDS range of industrial nozzle mix gas burners are specially designed for direct fired, high air volume space heating or process applications.

This well-proven and cost effective design guarantees total reliability, simple installation and minimal maintenance requirements. All burners can either be fully installed into a duct section, mounted and pre-wired onto a side plate or supplied as individual components to be mounted by the customer.

Every system is manufactured to meet the customers requirements, whether it be specialist duct sizes, voltages or chamber pressures.


The 3PATRB and 3PFDRB range of ribbon pattern bar burners are specially designed for direct fired applications where a uniform flame or heat source is required over a set width.

Stainless steel ribbons are arranged to give the required heat output and flame pattern, and inserted into a pipe or extruded section to create the bar burner.

Atmospheric forced draft pre-mix travels down the bar and is ignited on the ribbon, producing a uniform flame across the full length. The system is ideal for bakery ovens and hot plates, powder coating batch ovens and for flame impinging to heat drums or rollers internally.


The 3PHE-LD, MD or HD range of heat exchangers are designed for thermal applications requiring clean process air that do not contain combustion products prone to damaging or contaminating the finished product.

Many variants are available for each heater to suit every requirement, from specialist materials & fuels to custom designed airways to reduce process air pressure drop. Heat exchangers can be supplied either separately or with burner and ancillary equipment, pre-wire and tested.


The 3PTFB-L, M or H are a range of burners that have been developed to fire down immersion tubes, to provide an efficient and cost effective method of heating a variety of process liquids.

The simple design, combined with the use of either forced draft or induced draft systems allow any process requirement to be undertaken with proven control and reliability. Heat requirements, together with heat exchanger design and supply, can also be supplied.

Efficiencies in excess of 85%
Robust construction and reliability
Simple installation & maintenance
High heat release in small diameter tubes
Burner heads to suit any application
Heat capacities of 40kW to 1000kW
On/Off, High/low or modulating outputs
Natural Gas, LPG or LPG mix
Heat exchanger designs to suit every application


Proctor Process Plant has detailed knowledge and experience of a wide range of process controller manufacturers although our preferred supplier is West Instruments. With our large range of stock and thorough understanding of all the West range of control solutions we can supply any quotation or technical assistance required.

A full range of temperature recorders and data loggers can also be supplied to suit any budget.

In addition a full range of thermocouples, PT/RT sensors, extension cables and transmitters can also be supplied. All thermocouples can be individually made to suit the exact location and temperature range required.


Proctor Process Plant can design and develop bespoke combustion and control systems to convert your existing ovens and stentors to ensure your total production requirements are met. Solutions can be supplied in kit form or with the help of our OEM partners be fully installed, tested and commissioned.

Assistance can be given regarding the efficiency calculations and payback times together with possible production speed increases. Previous case studies and testimonials can all be supplied if required.

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